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Hairstyle Trends For Autumn And Winter 2022/2023: Top 6


Which hairstyles, cuts, and accessories will we wear in autumn and winter 2022/2023? The trends from the catwalk show in London, Paris, Milan, and New York give it away. We took a closer look at the looks and discovered these hairstyle trends.

Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

In autumn and winter, we can look forward to many exciting hairstyle trends. In addition to short haircuts, particularly closed and rather strict hairstyles were in the foreground of the fashion weeks. We have listed exactly what will be popular here:

Biggest hairstyle trends for fall and winter 2022/2023

1. Single hair clip

It's no secret that hair accessories are always a topic. But sometimes we prefer to wear them more opulently, sometimes a little more discreetly - like in autumn and winter. Instead of stringing together umpteen glittering hair clips, as has been the trend for a long time, we are again relying on a statement piece in our hair. On the runways of Fashion Week, narrow hair clips with stones or bobby pins decorated with pearls were used. One accessory for each hairstyle, nothing more. The most important decision besides choosing the piece: On which side is it placed? Tip: If you combine the hair clip with a deep side parting, as in the Chanel show, you can even fake side bangs with it. Cool!

Seen among others at: Fendi, Chanel, PatBo

1. Single hair clip | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

2. Romantic Braids

Braided hairstyles can look strict, sporty, or playful. Basically, anything is possible, even romantic. For the romantic touch, the braided hairstyles of the fashion weeks were combined with hair accessories. Above all with fabric bows and headbands. It hardly matters how the hair is then braided because the accessories already take on the task of lending the hairstyle a romantic charm. But especially braided wreaths are the perfect complement.

Seen at: Dior, Cecilie Bahnsen, Brandon Maxwell, among others

2. Romantic Braids | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

3. Sleeker center parting

If something has dominated hairstyles, then it's sleek hairstyles, i.e. very strict hairstyles fixed with gel. These were preferably combined with the middle parting. Whether in a ponytail or with loose hair, the combination of center parting and sleek finish makes every hairstyle look modern and gives it a cool character.

Seen at: PatBo, Michael Kors, Christian Cowan, Max Mara, Christian Siriano, among others

3. Sleeker center parting | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6


4. Wet waves

Do wet hairstyles belong in the summer? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Because now we also wear wet waves in autumn and winter. The advantage: What already looks wet can no longer be destroyed by moisture in rainy weather. This is how the wet waves work: wash your hair and only dry it until it is still damp. Now put some sea salt spray on it and knead or put the hair in waves. Fix everything with a shiny hair gel. If you have naturally very straight hair, you must first work the waves with a curling iron or wave iron. The Sea-Salt-Spray-Step is omitted, the waves are fixed directly with gel.

Seen among others at: Altuzarra Fendi, Acne, Koche, Ermanno Scervino

3. Sleeker center parting | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

5. Classic Pixie

You really saw a lot of short haircuts on the runways. But the pixie caught our eye in particular. After short pixie, long pixie, and mixie, the classic version of the haircut is finally back in fashion. This means: The hair is cut very short and compact on the sides and in the neck area, and left a little longer on the top of the head. The result: an elfish short haircut.

Seen at: Dior, Chanel, Kim Shui, Christian Siriano, among others

5. Classic Pixie | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

6. Blunt Bob

Blunt means "blunt" and that is already the most important characteristic of the popular bob hairstyle in autumn and winter 2022/2023. The hairstyle is cut "bluntly" with scissors or a hair machine, i.e. without layers. Speak, for a length. The length itself doesn't really matter, but aaaaah... - most of the blunt bobs that we saw on the catwalks were at most chin-length.

Seen among others at: Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Max Mara, Ulla Johnson

6. Blunt Bob | Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022/2023: Top 6

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