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This Is How You Achieve The Perfect Bun


Sometimes a perfectly fitting bun just doesn't want to succeed. With this tutorial, however, the hairstyle will certainly never become a problem again.

This is How You Achieve The Perfect Bun

Styling a perfectly fitting bun can sometimes take a lot of tries. Some days it doesn't work at all. Fortunately, videos on Instagram now show how the perfect bun can be achieved in just a few simple steps – without any bun cushions.

All you need are two hair ties and medium to long hair. Even with little hairdressing practice, the bun can be achieved quickly and easily with this tutorial. Just try it. The instructions are simpler than they sound.

The instructions for the perfect bun

With these instructions, the bun will definitely work:

  1. First, gather your hair at the back of your head with your hands. Then fold the hair from the middle by taking the back half-forward so that a ball is formed.
  2. Double tie a hair tie over it to hold the ball in place.
  3. Fold the ball towards the back of your head and pull the sides over to create a bun.
  4. Finally, fix it with another hair tie.

Tutorials can also be seen on Instagram

If you want to embellish the bun with accessories, you can wrap a scrunchie around it at the end.

You can also see how the bun tutorial works on Instagram.

The instructions for the perfect bun | This is How You Achieve The Perfect Bun


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