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All The Mistakes You Should Not Make When Making A Hair Mask


If we like to make good hair masks and pamper them, we love them more than they are effective. We tell you all about the mistakes not to make.

All the mistakes you should not make when making a hair mask

Today more than ever, it is time for the well-being of our hair. We care about the products we use every day, we avoid attaching them too often, and above all, we make hair masks galore. 2020 will have taught us at least one thing, to take the time to take care of ourselves. Again, it must be done well. Have you gotten into the habit of doing hair masks regularly and yet you are not seeing any results? It is surely because you make some mistakes which prevent the mask from working well on your hair.

Benefits of a hair mask

Regardless of our hair type, wearing a hair mask from time to time is mandatory. Bought or homemade, the important and pampering your hair which suffers from our hair follies (yes yes, we are talking about all our sudden desires to change color) and the environment. As with our skin, the masks promote deep hydration of the hair fiber, for nourished and healthy hair. Masks also prevent the formation of knots and strengthen our hair. Clearly, it is not necessary to do a mask before each shampoo, but once every two weeks is good.

The secret to silky hair

For shiny and healthy hair, here is a simple homemade mask to make:



Mistakes that should not be done when making a hair mask


Don't apply your mask with wet hair

Apply your mask with wet hair | All the mistakes you should not make when making a hair mask

Advised on most of the instructions for use, applying your mask to wet hair is not the best idea. Your hair must be damp and not completely wet without having gone through the spin box. If your hair is way too wet then your mask will slip off and never reach the scales to work.

Don't leave the mask in the open

Don't leave the mask in the open | All the mistakes you should not make when making a hair mask

To optimize the effectiveness of the mask, it is important to let it sit under a towel. Indeed, the heat allows the opening of the scales of our hair and thus promotes better absorption of the mask. So under hot water or in the microwave you heat your towel and put it on your head;

Respect the waiting (break) time

Not respecting the break time | All the mistakes you should not make when making a hair mask

For our hair to benefit from all the benefits of the mask, it is essential to leave it on as indicated in the instructions for use. Namely, the longer the exposure time, the more time the treatment will have to penetrate and care for our hair.

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