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What Happens When You Pull Out Gray Hair?


Do you find gray hair every now and then? We'll tell you what happens when you pull it out!

What Happens When You Pull Out Gray Hair?
Gray hair is trendy - but it is also a real problem for many women.

Gray hair annoys us! They peek out between individual strands of hair and we have the feeling: Everyone is looking at them! So it's no wonder that plucking is the first impulse. But does that really make sense?

Samantha already said in the 6th season of "Sex and the City:" Pull out a gray hair, three more will come to his funeral. "Was she right?

We have good news for you: it's a hair myth that more gray hair will grow back after you've plucked one. However, there is also bad news: the gray hair will grow back in exactly the same way. Therefore caution is advised! It is better not to pluck the gray hair out to avoid sprout-like strands of hair.

But what are the reasons for gray hair if you are still a long way from the age of gray hair? What also literally makes us "gray hair": Stressful and fast-paced lifestyles are a common cause of gray hair that comes earlier than it should. So you can try to relax more often, just join the silver hair trend (our editor tried that) or give it a tint.

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