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Jagged Bob: That'S Why It'S The Perfect Haircut For Thin Hair


Without much styling effort... This very casual version of the legendary bob cut is ideal for adding volume to thin hair - and the jagged bob is that easy to style.

Jagged Bob: That's Why It's The Perfect Haircut for Thin Hair

The jagged bob is one of the trendy hairstyles for spring/summer 2022 for many reasons.

When the term for a haircut has the literal meaning "jagged" or "edgy", it initially sounds like a catastrophe for the hair. But don't be put off by first impressions, the jagged bob is not only one of the most popular trends for spring/summer 2022, but it's also very flattering and particularly suitable for people with fine hair. Just like the wolf haircut or the bottleneck bangs, which might not sound particularly appealing at first glance, the jagged bob is one of the most in-demand looks of the season (and rightly so).

Jagged Bob: That's Why It's The Perfect Haircut for Thin Hair

This is what makes a jagged bob so special:

As already mentioned, the name refers to the uneven and jagged look, which should also be implemented well (spoiler: don't try it at home!) by cutting the strands of different lengths, but in a natural and harmonious way. Without exaggerations. All of this is within the usual range of a bob, i.e. with a hair length between the height of the chin and the collarbone, bearing in mind that the length can be very variable due to the large differences between some strands.

This is what makes a jagged bob so special: | Jagged Bob: That's Why It's The Perfect Haircut for Thin Hair

And this is how the trend hairstyle is styled:

The goal of this look is? Because the cut is so uneven, it gives the hair more body than a sleeker hairstyle, giving it lots of movement and volume. This makes this cut perfect for fine hair and gives it extra texture right from the start. The casual, natural look is ideal for spring and summer, as the ragged bob is easy to air dry without the need for styling. However, if you want to add some volume to your hair, beach waves or using salt spray or dry shampoo to add texture look particularly flattering. So it's time to say goodbye to straight hair.

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