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Let Gray Hair Grow Out - 3 Good Reasons


Queen Letizia does it! 3 reasons not to dye gray hair.

Queen Letizia has been standing by her gray highlights for quite some time and has now staged her silver highlights again at an appointment in London. We know three good reasons to emulate the royal lady and simply let the gray hair grow out!

Let Gray Hair Grow Out - 3 Good Reasons
Queen Letizia showed up in London with a strict chignon and silver highlights.

The trend is towards the natural look

The fear of gray hair is great for many women, as the dwindling of the natural hair color is still considered an unstoppable sign of aging. The first gray strands say nothing about the age of the wearer, many women turn gray in their thirties, and others still wear their natural shade when they retire. While in the past people would use a tint at the first sign of a white strand of hair, the trend now is to simply let gray hair grow out. Queen Letizia once again proved it with her elegant hairstyle at the memorial service for Prince Philip:

The trend is towards the natural look | Let Gray Hair Grow Out - 3 Good Reasons
Dye gray hair? Not with Letizia! She prefers to show off her silver strands with a wide variety of hairstyles – and they just look great with them.

Prominent trendsetters

Incidentally, the Spanish regent is not the only prominent example of the gray natural look. Legendary US actor and director Jodie Foster sported a silver mane at the Cannes Film Festival last year, as did Andie MacDowell and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Does gray hair show a no-go? A long outdated concept!

3 reasons to let gray hair grow out


1. Non-dyeing is gentle on the hair

"When bleaching, all the pigments are scratched out of the structure," explains Berlin hairdresser Michael Manthei, "this completely destroys the structure of the hair." Many common dyes also contain bleaching ingredients that often lead to split ends. And dark coloring is anything but pleasant for the hair and scalp. Simply leaving the hair free of any chemicals is therefore certainly the healthiest decision for the mane!

2. Non-dyeing is easy on the wallet

Once a month it is time to touch up the roots, for this, it is usually advisable to go to a professional. Such a visit to the hairdresser costs from 50 euros and upwards – that adds up. In addition, there are hair care products, such as treatments that are intended to soothe stressed hair. So if you stop dyeing, you save a lot of money – and a lot of time, by the way.

3. Of course it looks best

The fact is, our natural hair color is part of our overall pigmentation and suits us best. Of course, fake hair color can be a look and of course, tastes differ. But as a rule, the natural tone suits our complexion best – and the natural look is always less complicated anyway.

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