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Hair Breaks Off: 8 Causes And What You Can Do About It


Bad nutrition, wrong care, or the same hairstyle every day. We show you how to prevent your hair from breaking off.

Hair Breaks Off: 8 Causes And What You Can Do About It

Is your hair breaking off? These are possible causes

When more and more hair ends up in the sink or whole tufts appear and collect in the brush, many get a shock: the hair breaks off! In the worst case, only a short haircut will help. Because hair breaks off at the base and thus stands away from the head. The causes of hair breakage range from poor nutrition to everyday mistakes such as improper care. But you can easily avoid these. You have no influence on hormonal changes and causes such as pregnancy.

Is your hair breaking off at the base? Then these could be the triggers for it:

1. Intensive coloring/bleaching

Intensive dyeing, but above all bleaching, weakens the hair structure. The hair becomes thinner and eventually breaks. This is the result of overly dry hair. Colored hair, therefore, needs an extra portion of care and most likely a break from coloring.


2. Too much heat

Anyone who regularly works with a hairdryer, straightening iron, or curling iron puts too much strain on their hair. Special heat protection sprays can be preventive here and prevent hair breakage.

3. Wash hair too hot

Water that is too hot for daily washing can also have a drying effect. Better: wash your hair lukewarm or less frequently to prevent hair breakage.

4. Nutrition without sufficient vitamin

The body needs important vitamins so that the processes can run smoothly. Dangerous deficiencies can occur with strict diets, an unbalanced diet, or strict renunciation. Such consequences show up particularly quickly in the hair structure and serve as a warning: Attention, the hair breaks off.

5. Backcombing

To add volume to the hair, comb it against its normal direction. This breaks the smooth structure of the horn plates that serve as protection. The consequences are not long in coming, because the hair is getting thinner and breaks off. Hair often breaks off at the base.

6. Strong pressure (e.g. from rubber bands)

The classic of all hairstyles is the ponytail. While it looks good, is quick to make, and is practical, it is anything but good for healthy hair. If you tie your hair together in the same place every day and subject it to strong pressure, sooner or later this can have a negative effect, with the hair breaking off.

7. Heating air

Tight skin, irritated eyes, dry parts of the body - especially in winter our body has to struggle with warm and dry heating air. So does our hair: it dries out and breaks off.

8. Same hairstyle

In addition to the ponytail, there are numerous hairstyles such as the sleek look, French braid, or the high bun. Once the perfect hairstyle has been found, it should look just as great every day. But the lack of variety puts so much strain on the hair that it can break off without warning.


Tips: This helps with hair breakage

If you know the causes, they can usually be easily combated. The simplest and safest justification is pregnancy. During and after birth, the female hormone balance changes several times. This can have a positive effect for some women, while others will be put to the test of patience because hair breaks during pregnancy. Others, on the other hand, complain that their hair only breaks after birth.

Wash hair properly

With this method you prevent hair breakage when washing your hair: moisten your hair with lukewarm water, lather up some mild shampoo in your hand, and massage into the roots. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and finally rinse with cold water. The cold water closes the cuticle and thus guarantees a protective barrier.

Treat hair with the right accessories

Blow-drying, straightening, styling: from now on you should incorporate a few more steps into your daily routine. Basically, you should know that only the shampoo is responsible for the care of the scalp. Rinse and conditioner, on the other hand, care for your ends and prevent hair breakage, because hair becomes thinner and breaks off. Allow your wet hair to air dry first before styling further. Then comb the ends and then your roots. Use brushes and combs made from natural materials instead of metal and plastic hair accessories. Then apply a heat protectant spray. Only use non-metal hair ties. Goodbye hair breakage!

Oil cure

Olive, coconut, or argan - many oils care for our skin just as sustainably as our hair. An occasional oil treatment, which is best left to work overnight, nourishes and strengthens - and hair breakage is history.


An unbalanced diet is never good for your body. A lack of certain nutrients has a negative effect on the metabolism - and thus also on the hair. Vitamins of the B complex, vitamins C and A as well as iron, copper, zinc, and folic acid are essential nutrients. With a vegetarian lifestyle, a zinc deficiency can occur and cause hair to break off at the base. Before resorting to dietary supplements, you should always consult your doctor.


Not every shampoo is suitable for every hair type. If you already suffer from hair breakage, you need to use particularly nourishing shampoos with natural oils and important ingredients. There have long been special anti-breakage shampoos that give the hair an extra dose of care.

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