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Hairstyle Trends 2023: Trend Hairstyles Of The Year


These brand new hairstyle trends await us in 2021. The hair color trends, the hottest haircuts - here we show all hair trends at a glance.

Hairstyle trends 2023: Trend hairstyles of the year

Hairstyle trends 2021: you can look forward to this.

Hairstyle trends 2021

Wow, what a great year it will be! 2021 is not just waiting for us with super cool fashion trends. There are also some looks among the hair trends that we are already looking forward to. Including the shag cut and the choppy cut. Also popular: natural hair colors and smooth color gradients. We spoke to the La Biosthétique star hairstylist Alexander von Trentini and Eren Bektas, the hair expert from L’Oréal Paris, about the new hairstyle trends for 2021 and would be happy to tell you what you can look forward to.

Choppy cut

Character-accentuated and striking haircuts are the trend in 2021. From the hair color to the cut - the hairstyle fits the type perfectly and underlines the personality. "Both the choppy cut and the shag cut are my trend favorites for 2021. The choppy cut has a fringed cut with many layers. It embodies a rocky undone look. Jane Fonda wore the look as a bob back in the seventies and with it a Seductive, characterful statement made. Today, for example, influencer Chiara Ferragni shows how to stylishly present the choppy cut with longer hair, "says hairstylist Trentini in an interview. A trendy look requires extra hold and volume in the hair. You get that by using a sculpting spray.

Choppy cut | Hairstyle trends 2023: Trend hairstyles of the year

© Instagram @chiaraferragni

Shag cut

The shag cut can be worn in different variations as a bob, long bob, or with long hair and is typically cut with the curtain fringe. The perfect trend hairstyle for women with long hair who will follow the trend in 2021 anyway. "Many women will also have long hair over shoulder length in 2021," says L'Oréal Paris hair expert Eren Bektas. He recommends a trendy pony to go with it: "The pony will be styled in many variations in 2021 and combined with a wide variety of hair lengths. It will definitely remain a big topic in the New Year." The cool bangs hairstyle is best fixed with a good hairspray. If we had to decide on one in 2021, L'Oréal Paris hair expert Eren Bektas would recommend Elnett hairspray in a limited anniversary design for the 60th birthday.

One pony that goes well with the shag cut is the curtain fringe. "The extra-long curtain pony is divided in the middle and ends at the level of the cheekbones. At the sides, it merges in steps. The cheekbones are particularly emphasized and flatter the face. The many steps bring movement into play and underline the natural, characterful look Brigitte Bardot embodied this style perfectly years ago with a shag cut, "says hairstylist Alexander von Trentini. Today Heidi Klum and Dakota Johnson wear the sensual trend cut.

Shag cut | Hairstyle trends 2023: Trend hairstyles of the year

© Instagram @heidiklum


Short hairstyle trends 2021

Women with short hair are also looking for pretty, new trend hairstyles for 2021. These are the hottest haircuts of the year:

Blunt bob

"In 2021, fashionistas should continue to rely on a chin-length, blunt-cut bob - the blunt bob. Because of short hairstyles in particular show character. Although not every short hairstyle is trendy: a graduated bob with its asymmetrical shape, for example, does not fit the natural trend look of the coming season", tells us hairstylist Trentini. And L'Oréal hair expert Bektas also believes in the bob: "The bob will certainly be implemented and required in most salons in 2021," he says in an interview. We show you how cool the straight cut blunt bob can look.

Pixie cut

The cool short haircut for character women will be big again in 2021. After becoming a symbol of female emancipation in the 50s, the pixie haircut stands for every self-confidence. With the trend cut, the side and neck areas are shaved and the top hair is parted and worn longer. The cool short cut is particularly popular among hairstyles for women over 50.

Bowl cut

The bowl cut is back. In the 1960s it was launched by star hairdresser Vidal Sassoon under the name "Five-Point Style". Many of us knew it in the 90s as an unpopular children's hairstyle called the pot cut. And in 2020 the bowl cut will reach the ultimate level -up. Beauties, models, and celebrities are daring the unusual trend haircut for short hair again and we love it! For the cool bowl cut, a hair gel for hair styling is best. Simply distribute a small amount in your fingertips and that Knead the top hair into shape with it.

Bowl cut | Hairstyle trends 2023: Trend hairstyles of the year

Short hairstyle trend: bowl cut

Hair color trends 2021

Natural colors and color gradients that underline the type and character determine the hairstyles for 2021. Simply freshen up the natural hair color with noble color techniques. Whether a cool ash blonde, a fiery red, or a warm chocolate brown - it is crucial that the natural nuance is intensified. Authentic personality looks can be styled with shades of blonde in particular. Artificial and flashy hair colors, on the other hand, that looks fake are out, says Trentini in an interview. L'Oréal Paris hair expert Eren Bektas is looking forward to the trend techniques balayage and painting in 2021. Gentle highlights are painted free-hand into the hair. This requires a good hand and craftsmanship. In the course of the year, golden brown nuances and a light, cool blonde will return to the trend list.

Even more hairstyle trends for 2021 are coming soon!

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