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Sex And The City, Reboot Unveils 2023 Trendy Square


The Sex and the City reboot announces the square that will be trendy in 2022...

The reboot of the Sex and The City series unveils the bob that will be ultra-trendy in 2022. We explain how to reproduce this cut that promises to be on everyone's mind.

Sex And The City, Reboot Unveils 2023 Trendy Square

Since its launch, Sex and The City has been the engine of an unprecedented wave of female emancipation on television, but also the support of many trends, whether related to fashion, beauty, friendship. and even heterosexual and/or homosexual sexuality. Who hasn't wanted to look like Carrie Bradshaw or her girlfriends? Fancy hanging out in one of their dream closets or living one of their hectic lives?

While we had left them for a long time, now the most famous New York girlfriends are back in our lives with a few more years on the clock in the reboot of the series: “And Just Like That”. A few wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and white rooted hair. So what? Are they not like all the others? And that's how they inspire us the most and that we love them even more. Long live Miranda's salt and pepper bob or Carrie's long mane which proves that there is no age to wear long hair. But other lesser-known characters are likely to steal the show from them capillarily speaking.

Indeed, it is not the character of Carrie that will inspire us for the next few months, if not years, but her new best friend, Lisa Todd Wexley. American actress Nicole Ari Parker, who plays the role, has been spotted with a hairstyle that will no doubt be in vogue for the very near future.

If the phenomenon series has given us ideas of smooth hairstyles, sometimes ultra structured or on the contrary very curly with regard to Carrie, its reboot, also promises to cause a sensation with ideas of frivolous and effortless (effortless) cuts, such as here, with the blurred wavy square.

How to reproduce the sensation square of the series?

The hairdresser in charge of this trendy cut, Nakoya Yancey, explains, in an Instagram video, how she manages to achieve this result so chic and sophisticated, in her own way. She starts by using an embossing iron with spaced notches to have that sublime wavy effect, without being too marked. To add volume to this trendy bob, she chooses not to crimp the hair all the way, but to leave the ends smooth for a few inches to create the illusion of a full cut with thick hair. To make this hairstyle look even more natural and fuzzy, she ends with a tail comb, which she uses to gently separate each strand from the other. This also makes it possible to obtain more volume overall.

How to reproduce the sensation square of the series? | Sex And The City, Reboot Unveils 2023 Trendy Square


If you don't have an embossing iron, just a straightener, you can still do this hairstyle! Simply curl the straightener up and then down to give your hair a wavy effect. To obtain a more natural result, make your waves in different places of your hair. And if you don't have a tail comb, separate small strands with your fingers to gain volume. To fix everything, you use a spray or hairspray. And Just Like That, you are ready to be trendy in 2022!

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