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Hair Roots Hurt: How To Prevent "Hair Pain"?


Have you ever thought on some days: "Ouch, my hair!"? It's not a headache, but something up there still hurts like hell. Here we tell you where this pain comes from.

Hair Roots Hurt: How To Prevent "Hair Pain"?

Hair hurts: Why is that?

Which "Sex and the City" fan doesn't know her? The iconic scene where Charlotte says, "My hair hurts!" after a night of drinking! Admittedly, the pain in this situation is more like a bad hangover, but you've probably been through the situation too.

Hair hurts: Why is that? | Hair Roots Hurt: How To Prevent "Hair Pain"?

For example, if you've been wearing a strict bun on your head all day and then untie the hair tie. At this moment, the unpleasant animal feeling sets in.

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If your hair hurts instead of your head, this is called trichodynia in medicine. It is a sensory disturbance of your scalp and is noticeable through a feeling of tension, itching, or burning. Strictly speaking, it's not your hair that hurts, it's the roots of your hair.

How do I get rid of painful hair roots immediately?

When opening the tight braid, it can help if you pull your hair lightly. You should take a few thick strands between your fingers and pluck them lightly. The little head massage should bring quick relief.

A New York dermatologist explains the phenomenon of hair pain: “It's not really your hair that hurts,” Francesca Fusco told Vogue magazine, “it's the perifollicular area — the region around each individual hair, pore, and Follicle."

How do I get rid of painful hair roots immediately? | Hair Roots Hurt: How To Prevent "Hair Pain"?

This is how you prevent hair pain

If you're too lazy to wash your hair, it's easy to put greasy hair up in a braid or octopus bun for day or sleep, but you'd better avoid that! Especially people with fine hair, whose scalp becomes greasy more quickly, know the problem. Dandruff clogs the pores, the skin becomes inflamed, and the pain ensues.

In this case, dermatologist Fusco recommends a shampoo that rebalances the pH of the scalp. Not only do you care for your hair, but you also prevent clogging of the pores and dandruff. To prevent this hair pain from arising in the first place, you should never wear a tight braid for too long, but change your hairstyle regularly and change your parting more often.

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