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3 Fresh Hair Colors For Sassy Short Hairstyles In Autumn


This fall, short hairstyles are particularly trendy - and these three hair colors go really well with it!

Would you like a change of type? Then autumn is the best season for it because there have never been so many new trend hairstyles as in 2021. Above all, different short hairstyles are popular, including the box bob, the choppy cut, or the bowl cut. The following applies the more casual, the better.

If you want to go one step further, you can combine your short hairstyle with cool hair color. Because in the coming months we can really let off steam in this area.

Mushroom blonde

Tired of the classic blonde shade? Then you should dare to try the new trend hair color Mushroom Blonde. Because: The sound is not only something completely new, it is also absolutely suitable for everyday use. What makes the color so special? As the name suggests, Mushroom Blonde is supposed to be reminiscent of a mushroom, i.e. a mixture of pigeon and beige.

Mushroom blonde | 3 Fresh Hair Colors For Sassy Short Hairstyles In Autumn
Instagram: @colorbymichelle

This is achieved by combining a pastel light brown tone with various blonde accents. Best of all, both brown-haired and blonde women can join this trend because it essentially combines the best of both worlds.

Dark Chocolate

Hardly any hair color goes so well with autumn as the dark chocolate shade. Here, too, the name reveals what it's about: The hair is dyed in a very dark shade of brown. This can hardly be distinguished from black, but it turns a little bluish, as seen here with Hollywood star Lucy Hale.

Dark Chocolate | 3 Fresh Hair Colors For Sassy Short Hairstyles In Autumn
Instagram: @laurapolko

This makes the look super casual and cool, especially for women with a bob hairstyle. If you have lighter natural hair color, talk to your hairdresser about whether such a blatant change is really possible. By the way, dark chocolate works best on women with a Snow White complexion, but the look also comes into its own on tanned skin.

Hidden Color

The first two hair colors are too extreme for you? Then maybe the Hidden Color trend is something for you. Here the new color comes into its own in a more subtle way and yet the change is an eye-catcher when styled correctly. Only individual parts of the hair are colored in a striking shade, for example, the tips or the hair on the nape of the neck.

Hidden Color | 3 Fresh Hair Colors For Sassy Short Hairstyles In Autumn
Instagram: @etchersalon

Because this trend is more subtle, you can go all out when choosing the color. How about a cheeky pink or a cool blue, for example? Either way, this trend can be implemented well with different bob hairstyles as well as with other short haircuts such as the pixie cut. So, what are you waiting for?

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