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This Bob Hairstyle Is Particularly Suitable For Women Who Wear Glasses


Do you wear glasses and don't know which bob hairstyle goes best with it? Then we have something for you here! The following short hairstyle is not only made for people who wear glasses, but above all, it is also quite trendy this summer!

This Bob Hairstyle Is Particularly Suitable For Women Who Wear Glasses
We know a bob hairstyle that particularly flatters glasses wearers!

The perfect team this summer? Bob and glasses of course! Because there is actually a variant of the popular short hairstyle that harmonizes particularly well with cool glasses and also puts it in the limelight. Which hairstyle that is, we reveal here!

Women who wear glasses should now wear the Tousled Praise

Do you already know the Tousled Praise? After all, this is THE haircut of summer! The tousled lob looks best when worn by women with chin-length hair. Then style a few tousled beach waves and the cool summer look is ready, which especially flatters glasses wearers and also exudes a lot of lightness!

Tousled Lob: This is how it is cut

The tousled lob is cut to shoulder length just like the long bob. To be able to style it perfectly, the Tousled Lob needs a nicely tiered cut and thinned tips. You can put the relaxed haircut in the limelight if you go for equally casual hair color. Highlights in blonde tones or the trendy balayage technique make the cut a real eye-catcher!

These bob hairstyles are also suitable for women who wear glasses

But not only the tousled praise suits glasses wearers particularly well - we have a few other great alternatives for you!


1. Blunt Bob

Do you remember the blunt bob we already introduced to you here? This is a haircut that is cut to exactly one length. This deliberately blunt cut creates a clear edge that provides much more fullness. Together with a pair of glasses, the accurate hairstyle looks even more elegant.

2. Long bob

The long bob is also a real classic among short hairstyles. This bob, which is cut to about shoulder length, suits almost every woman - and therefore also women who wear glasses. They ultimately benefit from the fact that they can play a little with the styling of the long bob. Because it doesn't matter whether it is the middle or the side parting, smooth or wavy - the "Lob" is a real all-rounder!

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