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Beauty Trend: Oil - For Pure Skin And Shiny Hair


Body lotions, expensive face creams, and lots of hair treatments in the bathroom cabinet? The beauty trend is going in a different direction: simple oil! It supplies both skin and hair with valuable nutrients and combines several care products in one. We reveal how well oil is good for skin and hair, what you should pay attention to, and for whom which products are suitable.

Beauty trend: Oil - the care for face, body, and hair

Beauty trend: Oil - the care for face, body, and hair | Beauty trend: Oil - for pure skin and shiny hair
Bye-bye to countless, expensive beauty products: A simple oil can make skin and hair shine!

Beauty trend: Oil - the care for face, body, and hair | Beauty trend: Oil - for pure skin and shiny hair
Beauty oils are suitable for both the face and the body.

Beauty trend: Oil - the care for face, body, and hair | Beauty trend: Oil - for pure skin and shiny hair
We can even use our food oils, such as coconut or olive oil, at a very low cost.

In trend: beauty oils for skin and hair

No wonder that beauty oils are now back in fashion: they were underestimated as a care product for a long time, but their effect is unbeatable and also long-lasting. In addition, nourishing oils for skin and hair are often available at a low price. We'll tell you how positive oil is for our body and which oil is suitable for which skin type.

Beauty trend face oil: it has such a positive effect on the skin

The following applies to both the face and the body: Our skin needs to be supplied with moisture. This prevents premature aging of the skin and keeps it shiny, soft, and supple. In particular, skin-related natural oils with important fatty acids penetrate deep into the lipid layer of the skin barrier. The skin's balance can be kept particularly well thanks to the light film of fat that appears on the skin for a short time. This means that moisture can be stored for much longer than with creams or lotions - and this even strengthens our immune system.

By the way: Contrary to the assumption that oils are not for oily skin, the skin can still breathe easily. Pimples and blackheads are avoided, nothing gets clogged. The supply of valuable nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins even support the clarification of the skin and thus prevent impurities. Cell formation is also supported and wrinkles are accordingly avoided.


Beauty oils: You should pay attention to the ingredients

Pure vegetable oils have a great effect on skin and hair. Many cosmetic manufacturers have beauty oils in their range that have been enriched with additional ingredients. Many of them can have other positive effects, while others contain additives such as silicones or paraffin, which have a drying effect in the long term or can trigger allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, you should therefore rely on natural cosmetic products or purely natural oils.

Which oil is suitable for which skin type?

Oils really are suitable for all skin types - even people with oily complexions. The type of oil is important: What properties does it have, is it very nourishing and therefore more suitable for dry skin, or does it have an anti-inflammatory and comedogenic effect, then it goes perfectly with oily skin with impurities.

Comedogenic oils are suitable for oily skin that is prone to blemishes:

The following oils are suitable for sensitive, quickly irritated skin:

If you have very dry skin, you can use rich oils:

These oils are also particularly suitable for dry lengths of hair.

Beauty trend: these types of oils exist

Drying oils

So-called "dry oils" are specially developed for the skin and get their name from the fact that they are absorbed particularly quickly. So they don't leave any oily residue on the skin. Handy if you have to get dressed quickly in the morning! Tip: Dry oils are also particularly suitable for oily skin.


Face oils

Face oils are tailored to the skin on the face. They contain particularly caring properties and are usually a little more sensitive than body oils. Moisturizing components as well as the nutrients and vitamins they contain fight skin aging, dryness, and wrinkles - but also, depending on the type, inflammation, acne, and impurities. Pay attention to the properties of the oil and which skin type it is suitable for.

Body oils

Since the skin on the body is usually a little less sensitive than that on the face, it often contains more intensive amounts of ingredients. Body oils can therefore be even more greasy in order to provide the dry skin on legs and arms with ideal moisture. There is also special support here, for example during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. Tip: Apply a few drops of the body oil immediately after showering when the skin is still damp. This allows the body to use the nutrients for a long time.

Hair oils

Oils are also a real treat for our hair. We all have to struggle to a greater or lesser extent with split ends and dry ends. Oils help here in a natural way! You can use any oil on your hair - whether special hair oils, simple home remedies, body or face oils. After washing, rub a few drops in your hands and knead the oil into the lengths of your hair. Beware of approaches: the oil can make it look greasy. So only use it there if you have a very dry scalp. Otherwise, limit yourself to the ends and lengths of the hair.

Home remedies

Our classic household oils can also be used in a very versatile way. The valuable argan oil, for example, can be used both in nutrition and great for skin and hair.

The same applies to coconut oil: it not only tastes great but also provides moisture and even has an anti-inflammatory effect. That's why coconut oil also helps with pimples, scars, and small wounds. Caution: Use only cold-pressed oil to avoid clogging pores.

The classic, by the way, is good old olive oil. The all-around talent is particularly helpful on legs and arms and with dry skin and against split ends. The best thing about it: We have it at home anyway and it is also suitable for the small budget.

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