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Wellness Trends 2021: 7 Rituals And Tools That Will Increase Our Well-Being In The New Year

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Secret Of Girls, reveals seven emerging and expanding movements that can support health and wellbeing in a challenging new year.

Wellness trends 2021: 7 rituals and tools that will increase our well-being in the new year

7 wellness trends for 2021

Over the past year, the global pandemic has redefined what mental and physical wellbeing means to us. From the exit restrictions that technology inspired creativity and community to the therapeutic breakthroughs that brought solace amid the COVID-19 outbreak, an ongoing wave of civil unrest, and a tumultuous election cycle, the future of more accessible and inclusive wellness Tools for 2021 look promising.

1. Wellness trend: Rest as vital self-care in 2021

Amid the heightened urgency surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and the current chaos of the presidential change, activists fighting for equality have been reminded that calm and self-care are essential tools for healing - a term used by the Black Panther Party was touted in the 1970s. As we work towards social change together, it's important to take time to relax (yes, even if you're staying at home). Especially for the black population, considering that Black and People of Color (BPoCs) in America are disproportionately affected by the pandemic and are 10 percent more likely to experience serious psychological problems and socio-economic inequalities that lead to poorer outcomes in Related to mental health.

"When we don't feel safe in the world, when our humanity is not respected, or when our basic human needs are not met, then we begin to break down - spiritually, emotionally, and physically," explains Latham Thomas, founder of the wellness platform Mama Glow. "The only way to move forward and stay strong is to be gentle with yourself and get to know your weaknesses. In order for us to be able to do this work all the time, we need to take care of ourselves. Like us depends so much on our ability to have access and tools for self-care. "

2. Wellness trend: Mental health care will go digital in 2021

The grief and stress the pandemic has caused are immeasurable. Fortunately, many forms of home counseling and therapy have been and are available - from online therapy to virtual groups - that offer safe and effective alternatives to personal support. It is important to note that the COVID-19 crisis has expanded the possibilities of telemedicine, but has also uncovered the weaknesses that need to be addressed in the long term, such as B. equal pay.

To that end, organizations like Black Girls Breathing, an inclusive wellness platform that offers courses in meditative breathwork, and the Loveland Foundation, which financially supports black women and girls so they can access therapy, have stronger communities than ever before can form. "The overarching, general goal is to connect, to be heard, and to be seen," says meditation expert Light Watkins of the use of social media as a resource and tool. "The great thing about all the different platforms we have today is that there is a tool that usually fits anyone who wants to be able to access their full potential in whatever way. We need our full mental abilities so that we can continue to speak, fight and protest authentically. "

3. Wellness trends 2021: Fitness in your own home

With the lockdown, many sophisticated fitness programs were brought to a standstill. The irony? During these times, exercise became more important than ever to keep the body healthy. A workout has the power to melt away physical tension and at the same time offers a mental advantage by reducing the body's own stress hormones, such as B. Cortisol, and stimulating the production of endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers. Without access to gyms, living rooms became exercise rooms. While streaming workouts were on the rise before, the offer has now grown even more as many trainers and gyms have switched to virtual training.

The numerous offers include "The Class" by Taryn Toomey, who and her team of trainers offers live streams from her studio in Tribeca seven days a week, and the New York trampoline cardio studio "The Ness", which offers space-saving rebounding sessions on the digital world is changing, and fitness experts like Alicia Keys' longtime trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who offer a range of IGTV workout routines for the home. At the same time, there are futuristic home devices such as Peloton, Mirror, and the recently launched Apple Fitness + service, which offers more than 200 workouts, from mat-based HIIT and yoga to device-dependent bike and treadmill training. These online offers are reshaping the workout landscape from home and have a lot of staying power.

4. Wellness trend: Healing potential of sexual pleasure

Experts say that nothing can give the pleasure of being one with your partner. There should be no doubt that couples who show more time and attention to each other will be the happiest people in the world.

Rather than having sexual intercourse with anyone; Making it with the person you marry and avoiding the disgusting habits of our age will bring us the greatest pleasure and peace in the world.


5. Wellness trend: Vaginal care will get the attention it deserves in 2021

Throughout history, most women's toiletries have been made by - you guessed it - men. Yet there have been great strides in counteracting this over the past decade, with a number of women-owned brands shaking up the status quo. In the past year, pioneering products were presented, such as B. Juno Bio's vaginal microbiome kit for women who want to monitor their general well-being or who struggle with recurring infections and hope to get to the bottom of the cause. There was also increased support for women care brands founded by black women such as feminine care company The Honey Pot and postpartum self-care brand Coddle. "Black women get along well with each other, and knowing that a product comes from me - someone who knows and can talk about the experiences we all have in common - makes us a trustworthy source while taking on more responsibility for our self-care take over, "says Ruth Gordon-Martin, Founder and CEO of Coddle.

The year 2021 is well equipped to meet even more of these needs. From the upcoming launch of LaMaria, a new vaginal care line from gynecologist Manuela Maria Vazquez, to Looni, a new women's health brand that offers medically formulated, herbal solutions for menstrual pain and endometriosis symptoms, and by Chelsea Leyland, a DJane and leading medical cannabis activist; and Tatiana Steel, a former investment banker, after taking a roller coaster ride on her menstrual cycles.

6. Wellness trend 2021: CBD is here to stay

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, was already a thriving industry, but amid the pandemic, brands have seen record sales. Given the supposed benefits of CBD, which include treating anxiety and relieving stress, this is no surprise. And the offers are getting better and more individual. In the skincare space, brands like LOUM Beauty of Calm launched in 2020, a New York-based clean beauty start-up that partnered with psychodermatologist Francisco Tausk to help tackle the effects of stress on the skin - with a moisturizer fortified with organic, broad-spectrum CBD that has been proven to reduce excess sebum to minimize breakouts.

Edibles have received a delicious refresh: Rose Los Angeles and Gossamer are offering CBD-infused Turkish delicacies - with watermelon, tomato, and Sencha green tea - developed by chef Tara Thomas. And as the non-alcoholic beverage market grows, so can you drink them. British brand Trip, which has seen sales up 420 percent since social distancing began, is enjoying rising interest in its fizzy CBD tonics, which are also infused with calming chamomile, energizing ginseng, and L-theanine, which supports healthy brain function. There is also the recently launched newcomer Aplós, which serves an elegant, bubbly, citrus-accentuated liqueur alternative that is enriched with sustainable, organically grown broad-spectrum hemp. "We have been under a lot more stress since the coronavirus hit, which is why CBD has become so much more relevant," said Olivia Ferdi. "Fear has changed and the way we take care of ourselves - our grooming rituals - have been challenged. Herbal, preventative remedies - taking care of ourselves as best we can to ward off disease - have become the new approach to our health."

What is (Cannabioïde) CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is obtained by isolating cannabis from cannabis. You may have heard that CBD is in both hemp herb form and indica, powder form. At least 85 active cannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis herb. Many of you may have heard that cannabis contains a substance called THC called cacabinoid, that is, "getting high". CBD material has no psychedelic effect, in contrast to THC. So don't worry, it won't 'get you high' or 'blow you away'.

7. Wellness trend: Emergence of hormonally health-oriented offers

"Hormones are like music being played in a beautiful, but sometimes inharmonious, symphony," explains New York City-based holistic gynecologist Eden Fromberg, D.O., of the most sensitive chemical in humans. “If hormones play too loud or too softly, too fast or too slow and don't coordinate with the others, the sound produced can be shocking for the system.” Hormones control many important functions of the body (mood, health, behavior), and in In our modern world, we have to work even harder to keep them balanced due to extreme stress and exposure to endocrine disruptors.

In recent years, the beauty industry has seen a surge in skincare lines tailored to hormonal cycles, from Pause Well-Aging, which is tailored for menopausal women with innovative products such as the Fascia Stimulating Tool, to the new Dr. Zenovia Skincare, which addresses hormonal imbalances that cause problems such as adult acne and premature aging. There was also an influx of food supplements and tinctures that are supposed to balance the hormonal balance in a natural way: Premamas Birth Control Cleanse is said to regulate the hormone level by calming the natural processes of the body with PMS-relieving germberry, liver function supporting vitamins C + E, soothing Magnesium and iodine (which can help the body make more thyroid hormones).

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