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Korean Straightening: All You Need To Know About This Permanent Straightening For The Hair


Are you looking for the perfect permanent straightening for your hair? Let us tell you more about Korean straightening.

Korean Straightening: All You Need To Know About This Permanent Straightening For The Hair

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to leave their homes without having their hair straightener, you are in the right place. Using a straightening iron every day considerably damages the lengths. So, to avoid dry, brittle, and split hair, you should definitely turn to a permanent or semi-permanent straightening method (such as Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, French straightening...). This is ideal for always having straight hair, even in damp conditions or after shampooing. Yes, the dream! However, all the smoothings (French, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean…) are different. Today we are talking about Korean smoothing, the little cousin of Japanese smoothing.

Korean straightening is a permanent straightening technique that promises to achieve long-lasting straight hair, unlike Japanese straightening. Although enriched with henna, keratin, and silk proteins, Korean straightening is not a treatment. It is a product that modifies the structure of the hair thanks to the thioglycolic acid that its formula contains. Korean straightening is perfect if you are looking for permanently smooth hair that looks natural. This method does not promise straight hair with a raplapla effect, but rather a smooth and supple result.

Korean smoothing: for whom?

As explained a little above, Korean smoothing incorporates henna. It can thus be carried out on all hair, even colored hair. Ultimately, it is for all types of hair, as long as it is healthy. This smoothing is aggressive for the hair fiber, it is important not to have the hair too damaged when performing the smoothing.

How does the application work?

The hairdresser will always start by using a clarifying shampoo that will help remove impurities from the hair, but also open the scales. After rinsing off the product, he will wring out your lengths with a towel, then apply the first Korean smoothing product to the entire head, strand by strand. It will then be necessary to leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, the hairdresser can rinse the product in the tub, dry the hair again, and straighten the hair using a straightening iron. Finally, a second product will be applied, then left for about ten minutes. The hairdresser will then rinse everything and dry your hair. A fairly long process that will require around 3 hours of work.

While it is possible to find on the Internet, and especially on Amazon, kits for doing your Korean straightening yourself at home, we do not recommend them. Again, Korean straightening is not simple care and it is important to do it as a professional. Avoid doing it alone with a kit at all costs.

How long does Korean smoothing last?

Korean straightening modifies the structure of the hair fiber, and therefore, is a very long-lasting straightening. A touch-up is then simply recommended for hair regrowth. You can do this to smooth your roots every 6 months or so.


How much does Korean smoothing cost?

As specified, Korean smoothing takes a long time to perform and has a certain cost. However, the price will depend on the hairdresser chosen to do it, but also on the length of your hair. It will take on average between 200 and 600 USD.

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