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Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year


Hacked Bob: Everyone wants to wear this trendy hairstyle now...

It's been our go-to hairstyle for years: the bob. But this year it gets a styling update and thus a worthy successor. We are talking about the new trend hairstyle Hacked Bob! We'll tell you what makes it so special and how you can easily restyle it.

Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year

Bob is not just a bob. We know that at least since the revival of the long bob and the trend hairstyle tob. Because certain features always give the hairstyle classic a completely new look. This is also the case with the hacked bob, which is currently becoming the new trend hairstyle. We'll tell you what makes it so special here! But one thing is certain: This trend is here to stay - and certainly beyond 2022!

Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year

Do not worry! The literal translation of the new hairstyle trend should not be taken too seriously. Because with the hacked bob, the hair lengths are of course not simply chopped off. Rather, a look should be created that gives the impression that the hair was simply cut off with a large knife. Gentle steps are not an option! The focus is much more on a straight, almost choppy line that creates a dramatic, edgy look that is both strict and casual at the same time.

Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year

But if you're thinking that this hairstyle sounds like the perfect weekend DIY project, we have to disappoint you. Because it's not that easy! Especially with the hacked bob, it is important to find the right balance between perfection and coincidence. In order for the very special bob to be so perfectly imperfect, a professional should get to work. Because with the steady hands and know-how of your trusted hairdresser, the hacked bob not only makes your hair look confident and casual but also more voluminous and healthier.

Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year

Who suits the hacked bob best?

The ideal starting point for the hacked bob is a hair length that goes about a little over the chin. This trendy hairstyle is also the perfect transitional hairstyle for a change of style and as a stylish way to bridge the gap between short and long hair. But don't worry: The hair length is individually tailored to the type and face shape. So you can also wear the trend hairstyle with shorter or longer hair.

How to style and maintain the hacked bob?

The hacked bob also scores when it comes to styling and is to our liking. Because you don't need a round brush, hair dryer, or straightening iron. The bob can be worn in a side or center part, tousled or sleek, styled or air-dried. Stars like model Kaia Gerber and actress Lucy Boynton, for example, rely on the so-called ear tuck with their hacked bob. That means: parting, letting one side fall forward, and pushing the other side behind the ear.

How to style and maintain the hacked bob? | Hacked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle Of The Year

So that the bob falls naturally and loosely, it is best to use styling foam after washing. We also recommend that you always add some volume powder to the roots. This will make your hair more manageable and make it look fuller. You can put some hair oil in the tips so that they fall beautifully silky or you can regularly treat the lengths to a treatment or moisturizing mask. Then fix everything with hairspray and the new trend hairstyle of the year is ready.

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