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6 Things You Didn'T Know About Gray Hair


It is clear that sooner or later there is no getting around gray hair. But you probably didn't know these facts about gray hair.

6 things you didn't know about gray hair

Gray hair is completely natural and can be worn with pride.

More and more women stand by their natural gray hair, including Helen Mirren and Brigit Schrowange. Now model Chrissy Teigen is also in a Twitter post about her first gray hair. She writes: "I have a strand of skunk gray hair and I really like it. My cruella dreams are coming true!". "I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it. My cruella dreams are coming true!"

6 things you didn't know about gray hair

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

With this positive statement, the pretty woman from John Legend hits the bull's eye. Many women felt motivated to post selfies with their own gray streak.

6 things you didn't know about gray hair

Aliza Sherman replies to Chrissy Teigen's tweet with the photo above and the following words: "Do you think my skunk streak is too wide? ;) I embraced my gray in my early 40s. Revel in your power.".

Reason enough to take a closer look at a few facts about gray hair. It starts around the age of 30 to 35: gray hairs appear on the head. But although this really affects every woman without exception (one sooner, the other later), most of them hardly know anything about the phenomenon of changing hair color. Here are the things you should know about gray hair:

1. Stress plays a big role

Stress does not leave the hair unaffected either. Particularly disturbing times (e.g. after a separation or a death) can lead to hair falling out on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also possible that gray hairs appear on the head due to stress.

2. Hair does not turn gray, it grows in this color

It is a common belief that hair changes color as you gradually get grayer on your head. (By the way, you can find five other hair myths here.) Rather, the gray hair is already growing in this color. With increasing age, the body has fewer and fewer pigments available for the hair, so that newly growing hair is no longer blonde, brown, black or red, but grows back gray.

3. Gray hair takes on color differently

If you have always over-dyed your natural hair shade, you could run into problems as you get older. Because gray hair takes on color differently, sometimes worse than hair in its original hair color. In order to achieve a similar result as before, you may have to change the color of the color. Your hairdresser can certainly advise you on this.


4. Gray hair is not coarser

Those who gradually turn gray often have the impression that their hair is becoming coarser. But gray hair is usually even finer than blonde, brown, etc. The reason they appear coarser is that gray hair is often drier. Because the scalp produces less and less sebum with increasing age so that the hair is overall less shiny and supple.

5. These people gray the earliest

Among all people, it is the redheads who first have to say goodbye to their natural hair color. All other people can enjoy a brightly colored head for longer. Scientists have not yet been able to find out why this is so.

6. That says the 50-50-50 rule

With regard to the head of hair, a rough rule of thumb has proven itself: the 50-50-50 rule. According to her, on average 50 percent of all people over the age of 50 have 50 percent gray hair on their head.

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