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These 3 Little Volume Mistakes Will Flatten Your Hair


Do you care for your hair, use volume products - and yet it always hangs flat and limp? These 3 styling mistakes are to blame.

These 3 little volume mistakes will flatten your hair

If you avoid these 3 little mistakes, your hair will look instantly more voluminous © ISTOCKPHOTO

You've got the right cut, you're using the right shampoo, but you're just not getting volume in your hair - or it will only last for a few minutes. No wonder if you ignore these 3 little things.

You wrap your hair in the towel

The towel turban, which we often love so much in the morning, is unfortunately fatal for our neck volume. Because: It dries the hair with body heat - which at the same time makes it flat. Better just blow dry on a low setting.

You play with your hair all the time

With your hands in your hair, sebum is distributed across the lengths and quickly results in flat hair.

You are using products with alcohol

Hairspray or styling mousse containing alcohol can dry out and irritate the scalp and thus also the hair roots - this, in turn, is bad for the bounce of our hair.

You are using products with alcohol | These 3 little volume mistakes will flatten your hair

Playing with your hair? D rather not © ISTOCKPHOTO


The right cut for your volume is so important

The right haircut is the basis for any volume styling and has to fit - or be made to fit: "I often see short-haired women with very fine hair who would definitely look better with a chin-length bob. This is a very good length for fine hair, which still offers enough scope for numerous styling variations, "explains hair professional Andrea Hecker. Especially with a layered short haircut, you draw more attention to the lack of volume instead of concealing it. "Blunt cuts where the lengths are the same in order to create more volume are better," says the professional. "If your hair is already fine, you shouldn't remove any additional volume in the lengths. It's better to use the full hair substance that you have." Your no-go when it comes to cuts: "Very long hair and very fine hair cannot be combined. Get rid of it. Even if it's difficult."

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