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Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair: Instructions For Use


Want to brighten up your chestnut hair with a few blonde highlights? Here's how to choose them to flaunt the most natural hairstyle.

Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair: Instructions For Use

Often mistakenly mistaken for brown hair (and sometimes even dark blonde hair), chestnut hair is a chic and stylish hair color right halfway between brown and blonde. It is also the most common natural hair color in France. So it's a safe bet that you thought you were brown or brunette when you actually have brown hair! While brown hair has the advantage of not hardening features like the brown color and being less bland than some blondes, it can be a bit dull and lackluster. To counter this small flaw, nothing like a few blonde locks! But you still have to choose them well so that they offer a natural effect and truly sublimate your chestnut brown.

Lighter than brown hair, brown hair can safely bet on blonde highlights to achieve a sun effect in their lengths. But as with all bases whatsoever, blonde locks on a chestnut base should lighten the hair by one to three tones at most (by bleaching) at the risk of obtaining an unnatural color.

Chestnut: A color with many nuances

To determine which color of blonde highlights is right for you, you must already understand what your precise shade of brown is because, yes, there is not one brown hair color but two, or even three to be exhaustive if we count the medium chestnut. But to simplify things a bit, we can say that you can either have light brown hair or dark brown hair. The difference is ultimately quite simple. Light brown is the chestnut that is closest to dark blonde. It's a very light shade of brown with rather cool highlights, almost like ash blonde. Dark chestnut is, unsurprisingly, the hair color most confused with brown because it looks a lot like it even though it is actually lighter than brown and has warm highlights that naturally illuminate it.

What blonde highlights on dark brown hair?

As we explained to you earlier, highlights - even blondes - should be no more than three shades lighter than your hair color if you want to achieve a natural and elegant result. It is therefore towards locks of a caramel blonde, that is to say, a warm blonde slightly darker than honey blonde (which is reminiscent of the greedy color of caramel), that you will have to turn to illuminate your chestnut. dark. This shade of blonde in perfect harmony with your base allows the blonde locks not to cut too drastically on the rest of your hair. Forget light blondes like platinum blondes which are too far removed from your color, they may not only create too much contrast but also over-sensitize your hair.

What blonde highlights on light brown hair?

If you have a light brown base, your color allows you to opt for a lighter shade of blonde to achieve your locks. With this very light brown base, the ideal is still to bet on the sun effect of golden blonde or honey blonde highlights to lighten your hair and bring a shot of light to your lengths, without straying too far from your original color. . The result will be very natural and chic.

But if you absolutely want to wear light blonde or cold blonde locks, it will also be possible with the help of a hairdresser who will lighten your locks to the extreme while taking care not to weaken them until the breakage.


Classic or sweeping highlights: What type of locks to choose?

If the classic strands are the first that come to mind, know that the melted highlights of the balayage are also an option. Unlike the classic technique which therefore consists in coloring a few strands from the roots with a color that contrasts radically with the other (like a tie and dye with clearly thinned ends), the sweeping relies on strands that do not start at the roots and which are melted into the hair to create a more subtle effect, a little on the same principle of the gradient that the hair shadow creates in the lengths. Think about it!

If you are still unsure, rely on the advice of your hairdresser. Only a coloring expert who has seen your hair, its condition, and your face, is able to give you an informed opinion on the question so that you can make up your mind.

Home or salon coloring?

For this type of hair transformation, we can only recommend that you entrust your brown hair to a hairdresser who is an expert in coloring. Only a colorist has the experience and knowledge to create blonde highlights perfectly suited to your chestnut base.

In addition, working with strands is much more complicated to do yourself than complete coloring or tie-dyeing because the blonde coloring is worked, as the name of the technique specifies, strand by strand. We strongly recommend that you do not use bleaching hair products yourself at home. The size and quantity of locks should be determined by seasoned hairdressers who adapt each to your hair density as well as your face for optimal and personalized results.

How to maintain your blonde locks on brown hair?

Since you will only get them through bleaching, your blonde locks on brown hair will require minimal maintenance at home. Before you fall for their illuminating effect, keep in mind that you will need to redouble your care, and more specifically nourishing and restorative care, to keep hair healthy. But it is also possible that you need to use hair care specially designed for blond hair (such as a blue shampoo for example) to counter certain unsightly reflections that the hair may take after bleaching (shades of red, orange, or brown). yellow).

Finally, you will need to plan a visit every two to three months minimum at your hairdresser to maintain your color at the roots.

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