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Lose Weight While Walking: This Number Of Steps Burns Fat


How many steps do you have to take each day to burn fat?

In the current season, recollection is a very big trend in all areas of everyday life. In the wellness area, you are also returning to the basics. Because these are often the easiest to integrate into modern day-to-day life and are usually free of charge.

Lose Weight While Walking: This Number Of Steps Burns Fat
Even walking you burn calories and you can lose weight.

For example, studies commissioned by the UK government have now found that simply walking improves overall health. This is how you counteract diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, for example. Walking just 10 minutes a day is said to reduce the risk of premature death by 15 percent. Of course, you can also stimulate fat burning by simply walking. In the following, we explain how many steps you have to take every day to lose weight.

Lose weight while walking: Burn fat step by step

It's like most things in life. It is the quality that matters, not the quantity. The body begins to burn fat between 5,000 and 7,000 steps a day at increased speed. Why is the pace so important? A brisk walk increases the heart rate and this causes the body to burn calories. At around 100 to 120 heartbeats per minute, the body enters the so-called fat-burning zone, in which fat becomes the most important source of energy for your body.

These are the average values in numbers, which can of course vary slightly from person to person: At a speed of 20 minutes per one and a half kilometers, the body should burn around three calories per minute, i.e. around 80 calories for 30 minutes. If you increase the speed to 12 minutes per one and a half kilometers, you can even double the calorie consumption to 180 calories in 30 minutes. You burn even more calories when you go uphill. When walking, invest in good footwear that is equipped with a footbed; this has a positive effect on the quality of the steps and therefore your health.

Five Simple Ways You Can Take Up Your Steps In Everyday Life

1. Leave lunch at home

If you take your food with you from home, you usually don't go out for lunch. It is better to discover new lunch spots for yourself that are not directly at the office. Otherwise, always plan a little walk after dinner. Divide your lunch break into roughly 50 percent eating and 50 percent walking.


2. Drink more water

Drink about a quarter of a liter of water every hour and set yourself an alarm to refill the kitchen. You have killed two birds with one stone.

3. Combine social media with walking

Who is only on social media gets sick in the long run? Just combine it with running. You scroll through your Instagram account at home. Stand up and walk as you go.

4. Kill time by walking

You're annoyed by the commercials on your favorite program. Just get up and take a walk. Whenever you have to wait for anything, do it on the go.

5. Combine drinks with walking

Mini-golf, boules, and pedal boating - now replace your favorite bar with an evening activity that requires exercise. You will see that it is not only healthy but also fun.

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