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Full Lips Without Surgery: The Best Tips


Full hunchbacks look seductive and sensual. Fortunately, if you want to give your mouth a little more volume, you have options outside of surgery and syringes: We have the best tips for full lips - without any intervention!

Full lips without surgery: The best tips
Full lips without surgery? We reveal the best tricks.

Full lips without surgery: The best tips
A full kissable mouth is conjured up in no time!

Without surgery: the best tips for full lips


The key to voluminous lips is moisture. Dry lips are less plump, reflect less light and therefore look all the narrower. A good grease stick or even special lip masks with pampering ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen ensure a fluffy result, smooth out small wrinkles and give us a real kiss.

Lip scrubs

A regular lip peeling removes dead skin and bumps that make our kissable mouth look tight and dry. It also stimulates blood circulation, which makes the lips plumper. Massage with a soft toothbrush can also do this. However, lip scrubs are better suited for additional care and moisture!


Lip booster

Similar to a care stick, so-called lip boosters are also applied: This lip care product contains natural ingredients such as mint, chili, cinnamon, or ginger, which stimulate blood circulation. This effect immediately makes the lips appear plumper! You will also notice this by a slight tingling sensation after applying the cosmetic product.

Makeup lips bigger

A lot can be achieved, especially with the right make-up: With contouring, you can make your lips look bigger. Simply draw a fine line under the middle part of the lower lip with bronzer or a powder that is about a shade darker than the actual skin tone. That makes them look more voluminous.

On the other hand, apply a little highlighter over the middle of the upper lip, the so-called Cupid's bow. This creates an additional 3D effect.

If you dare, you can carefully draw a little wider with a lip liner. However, you should make sure that you only step very narrowly over the real lip edge - otherwise, it quickly looks fake.

By the way, dark lipstick colors make the lips look narrower - so choose lighter tones (but not too similar to your own skin color) or bright colors like a classic fire red. Gloss also provides more volume than matte lipsticks.

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