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To Bed With Wet Hair? Better Not! 3 Reasons Against It


Jump in the shower before going to bed and then straight to bed? Every now and then everyone saves the tedious blow-drying and cuddles up with wet hair in the sheets. A big mistake. Not only because you could catch a cold quickly (yes, Grandma was always right about that!), But also because you are doing a lot of damage to your hair.

To Bed With Wet Hair? Better Not! 3 Reasons Against It
This is why you should never go to sleep with your hair wet - you are not only damaging your health, but also your hair.

Never go to bed with wet hair! 3 good reasons

1. Wet hair is sensitive

When you wash your hair, the cuticle breaks open. That makes them extremely vulnerable. That's why you should only pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it vigorously with the towel, comb the strands carefully instead of brushing wildly and, on the other hand, either air-dry or blow-dry your hair (with heat protection!) Before you go to sleep. The constant friction on the pillow roughens the cuticle of the hair. If they are still wet, split ends and hair breakage are inevitable.

What else can you do to avoid overnight hair damage? A silk pillow is said to be gentle on the hair.

2. A damp pillow is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria

Wetness and warmth are tricky. So if you go to bed with your hair still damp, more and more bacteria will accumulate on the wet pillow, which on the one hand can lead to mold under the cover and on the other hand to inflammation of the scalp and face.


3. You catch cold faster with wet hair

Wet hair alone is not enough to catch a cold. That is why air drying is also recommended in winter. However, if you like to sleep with the window open in sub-zero temperatures, you freeze faster with wet hair and catch a cold more easily.

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