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Without Surgery: These Things Help Against Drooping Eyelids

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Many people have drooping eyelids: the movable eyelid is covered by the skin of the immobile eyelid. What is completely harmless to health is perceived by many as a visual flaw. We'll tell you about exercises and tricks with which you can reduce drooping eyelids - painlessly and without surgery!

Without surgery: These things help against drooping eyelids

Where do droopy eyelids come from?

Drooping eyelids are mostly genetic, but they get stronger with age, around the mid-30s. This is because the elasticity of the skin decreases. The body produces less elastin and collagen, which firm and plump the skin.

Drooping eyelids are also favored by stress, intense sun exposure, too little sleep, too much alcohol, and nicotine.

What helps against drooping eyelids?

If you have mild to moderate drooping eyelids, you should definitely prevent yourself! And by the way, also for everyone who does not (yet) discover any symptoms: There is always more to be done beforehand than afterward. Therefore, in any case, incorporate a firming eye cream into your daily care routine.

A healthy lifestyle always helps keep the body young. This also affects the tone of your eyes. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Constant stress and too little sleep also have a negative effect on our beauty - take sufficient time to relax!

If you want to do something against your drooping eyelids, you can do something with these tricks and exercises without major intervention. It becomes more difficult when the drooping eyelids are already extremely pronounced - then often only a professional eye lift will help.

Home remedies for drooping eyelids

You can support your body by consuming foods that strengthen your connective tissue.

The ingredients of black tea, for example, have a firming and decongestant effect on our connective tissue. Feel free to drink this regularly and incorporate it into your beauty routine. Simply soak a cotton pad in black tea and let it rest on the eye area for about 15 minutes.

Berries also promote the production of collagen and elastics. The fruit strengthens the immune system and connective tissue! They contain many vitamins, folic acid, and trace elements and ensure better blood circulation in our skin. The antioxidants it contains have a natural anti-aging effect. The darker the berry, the better. So let's get on with delicious blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries!

Also good for firm skin: oatmeal, nuts, broccoli, salmon, eggs, and parsley.


Exercises against drooping eyelids

To counteract annoying drooping eyelids, we can relieve our tissue with massages and exercises. In this way, blocked fluid is channeled out and the skin is better supplied with blood. We'll tell you the most effective exercises against drooping eyelids:

  1. Press the point at the beginning of your eyebrows 20 times with your index finger.
  2. Also, press 20 times with the index finger on the point at the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Now very gently press the center of the eye 20 times with your fingertip, on the edge of the eye socket (you can feel with your finger where the bone is).
  4. Raise your eyebrows and half-close your eyes. Hold for three seconds before relaxing your face again. Repeat this 4 times.
  5. Using gentle pressure with your fingertip, run from the bridge of your nose along your eyebrow to your temple at the corner of your eye. Repeat this 20 times.
  6. Now stroke 20 times with light pressure from the bridge of the nose under the eye to the temple.

Plasma pen against drooping eyelids

The exercises do not have a satisfactory effect, but shouldn't it be an operation either? Then treatment with the Plasma Pen may be an option for you. No extensive intervention is necessary here.

The plasma pen is an innovative device that looks like a pen and uses heat in a controlled manner. This technology is based on plasma technology. The heat acts externally on the targeted skin (without direct contact) and causes the skin to shrink over a tiny area. The plasma pen is therefore a non-invasive alternative to classic wrinkle tightening. There is no need to fear cuts and scars as the Plasma Pen only treats the top layers of skin.

Treatment with a plasma pen is suitable for people with slightly drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes, and wrinkles and is carried out under local anesthesia. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes and there is no downtime. After about 5 days, the skin has healed without scars and shows firmer results. The treatment costs around 300 USD, depending on the intensity.

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