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Gloss Bun: This Elegant Bun Is Now Becoming A Trend Hairstyle


Whether low, high, messy, or sleek: the bun is one of the most popular hairstyles. It is practical, quickly styled, and therefore ideal for going out as well as for a cozy day on the couch. For a good year now, the latter has been the case, which is why the messy version is currently the most worn up and down.

Trendy hairstyle: The bun is now worn as a gloss bun - this is how it works

Trendy hairstyle: The bun is now worn as a gloss bun - this is how it works | Gloss Bun: This Elegant Bun Is Now Becoming A Trend Hairstyle
Instagram: @halleybrisker - We copied the latest trend hairstyle from actress Vanessa Kirby. At the BAFTAs, she wore the gloss bun...

However, we are also finding more and more pleasure in the smooth gelled trend hairstyle. Stars like Bella Hadid and Vanessa Kirby really make you want the sleek bun. Vanessa Kirby in particular really blew us away at this year's BAFTA Awards with her glossy bun styling.

Gloss Bun: This is what defines the trend hairstyle

The special thing about the Gloss Bun: It not only fits tightly but also shines beautifully - as the name suggests. And: It is more accurate and more perfect than the usual sleek bun. A hairnet ensures that every strand stays in place. As a result, the bun holds bombproof in all shapes - from knots to braided styles.

Even off the red carpet, you can only benefit from such a trendy hairstyle that does not dissolve with every movement. In addition, the sleek look goes great with the trendy grunge and 90s outfits. And best of all: the trend hairstyle is also easy to create yourself.

Just a few steps to the trend hairstyle Gloss Bun


Step 1

Start with freshly washed, blow-dried hair and add your favorite styling product to the strands, which will later fix the hairstyle.

Step 2

Part in the middle and straighten your hair from roots to ends. Take a lot of time for this step so that a very even, sleek look is created.

Step 3

Spread a gloss over the strands to create a beautiful sheen. It is best to rub the product in your hands first so that not too much of it ends up in one place.

Step 4

Pick how high you want the bun and tie a tight, tight ponytail here.

Step 5

Put your ponytail in an invisible hair net (so choose a model the color of your hair). Even if the step seems superfluous, it is the most important thing in the trend hairstyle.

Step 6

If your hair is in the net, you can twist and lay the bun as you like it. Once you have found a cool look for yourself, simply attach the hairstyle with a few bobby pins and start the day in your individual gloss bun.

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