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7 Ideas Against Boring Hair


Now is the best time to put a little extra effort into your hair. Try these tricks to make your hairstyle look less boring...

With a few quick steps, you can turn a simple hairstyle into a real eye-catcher. And you don't even need scissors to do that. Here are some nice inspirations for you:

7 ideas against boring hair
Hairstyles that aren't boring...

Straightened hair

Do you actually have curly or wavy hair? Then smooth it out. You can conjure up a whole new look on your head in just a few minutes...

Straightened hair | 7 ideas against boring hair

Wavy hair

And it works the other way around. Do you have straight hair? Then make a few waves in your hair with a straightening iron or curling iron.

Wavy hair | 7 ideas against boring hair

Bobby pins

With a few bobby pins, a standard hairstyle can be turned into a great work of art.

Bobby pins | 7 ideas against boring hair

Side bun

Do you always wear your bun at the same height and place it on your head? How about a change of page? Put the bun on the side of your head.

Side bun | 7 ideas against boring hair


Braid alternative

Just don't pull your braid all the way through the braid. This creates another, beautiful variant of the ponytail.

Braid alternative | 7 ideas against boring hair

Fake pony

You don't have a pony, but would like to have one every now and then to redesign your look? How about a fake pony? To do this, tie your hair in a bun high up on your head and let the ends hang over your forehead. Takes a little tact and adjustment, but with a little practice, it can be done in no time at all.

Fake pony | 7 ideas against boring hair

Use hair bands

Totally trendy and wonderful against a boring hairstyle: a headband. Simply tie the ribbon around your head. The ends can even stick out upwards. That goes particularly well with the bun.

Use hair bands | 7 ideas against boring hair

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