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Hairstyle Trend In Spring: The 70S Bob Is Celebrating Its Comeback In 2022


If there's one hairstyle that's making a big comeback in 2022, it's got to be the 70s bob. We reveal what is behind the hip hairstyle trend - and how you can best style it.

Hairstyle Trend In Spring: The 70s Bob Is Celebrating Its Comeback In 2022
The 70s bob provides retro vibes.

Hairstyle Trend In Spring: The 70s Bob Is Celebrating Its Comeback In 2022
How to style the trend hairstyle 2022.

Bob hairstyles are always in vogue and will surprise us again in 2022 with new variants. At the forefront: the micro bob or the boy bob. With the 70s bob, an old acquaintance is also celebrating its comeback - and that's quite something to be proud of!

70s Bob: This is behind the trend hairstyle

The 70s bob is not about a certain length or a certain haircut - but much more about the styling. With the 70s bob, the focus is solely on the ends of the hair. They are blow-dried outwards for the retro look, which creates more volume. The bob looks particularly airy when the hair ends just below the chin. In other words, the shorter the 70s bob, the better it looks.

How to style the 70s bob?

To blow-dry the tips outwards, it is best to work with a large round hairbrush. Twist the hair only halfway. Finally, fix it with hairspray. Alternatively, you can twist the front section of hair with a curling iron and wave it outwards.

By the way, the 70s bob looks particularly rocky if you let your hair be wildly layered. In the French look with gentle transitions, it appears a little softer. But the trendy retro bob also works bluntly cut to one length.

Tip: Bangs also look great with the 70s bob, and they can also be styled easily with a curling iron or a round brush.

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