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New Beauty Trend For Make-Up &Amp; Skin Care Is Called Skinimalism

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A look that is as natural as possible for skin and hair has been established as the signature look of many designers for several seasons, such as Isabel Marant, Victoria Beckham, Prada, or Louis Vuitton. Accordingly, the hair should have a healthy shine and fall over the shoulders in smooth waves and the skin should not be covered by layers of foundation and powder, nor elaborately contoured in various nuances, but should be so fine-pored and covered with youthful radiance, as if you were straight to a day spa got out.

Skin Care Trend: Everything Is Striving For Skinimalisim Now

Skin Care Trend: Everything Is Striving For Skinimalisim Now | New beauty trend for make-up & skin care is called Skinimalism
Skinimalism is the name of the new trend for radiantly beautiful skin (Isabel Marant Resort 2021)

This so-called dewy glow was initially created by the make-up artists backstage with the help of shimmering primers and highlighters; Newer versions rely on hydrating skincare products that are applied one after the other to previously cleansed skin, such as toners, serums, fluids, and (for a finish like after a summer rain) finely atomized facial sprays. The current trend Skinimalism is now revising both the one and the other and returning to the beginnings. Less is more is the motto.

Skin Care Trend: Everything Is Striving For Skinimalisim Now | New beauty trend for make-up & skin care is called Skinimalism
Fine-pored, radiant complexion at Victoria Beckham for Fall/Winter 2020/21

With Skinimalism, the trend is now back to reduced skincare

They were just practicing meticulous layering and obediently following the instructions of well-known role models in order to effectively counteract the skin aging process and to be rewarded with a radiant complexion that is bursting with moisture. In concrete terms, this meant a multi-stage, time-consuming procedure with cleaning products, toners, fluids, serums, skin oils, and masks tailored to the skin type. Preferably every day. More and more skin experts are now pointing out that by far not every skin can tolerate this interplay of the most varied of ingredients and textures. The consequence of the care and/or make-up layering can be skin irritations and intolerances, which can range from tight or itchy skin to redness and impurities to rashes and eczema.

The skincare trend Skinimalism is now calling for a turnaround. And it makes restraint and (product) loyalty to the new skincare concept. It's ideal for everyone who already had a time problem with all that layering and liked to skip one or the other maintenance step. As well as for all clean beauty labels.

With Skinimalism, the trend is now back to reduced skincare | New beauty trend for make-up & skin care is called Skinimalism
Instagram: @kjaerweis

Skinimalism: Here's How The New Minimalist Skin Care Goes Two Ways


1. In the care routine

In theory, the idea of skinimalism may make sense, but just looking at the well-stocked beauty shelf causes discomfort: which product is essential and which ones could you do without? Three basic rules help on the way to minimalist skincare:

Firstly, an honest self-perception and self-assessment (does it just like the image of the product, or does it feel really good on the skin?). Second, knowledge of the ingredients (even if it takes time: read the package insert carefully and find out about the individual ingredients, their origin, and how they work). And thirdly, a certain consistency in the use of beloved products. Those who restrict themselves with difficulty or cannot (or do not want to) do without the sequence of certain care steps should at least only use coordinated products, i.e. cleanser, day cream, and serum from one series. Their ingredients are usually optimally matched to the corresponding skin needs, and the textures are usually based on the same active ingredients.

2. When choosing a product

Products that are traded under the Clean Beauty label usually limit their textures to a minimum of ingredients that (mostly) come from a sustainable production, have been tested for tolerance, and are also suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, multitasking products are recommended whose formula not only optimally meets the individual skin needs but also covers various aspects at the same time. So hydrating, supple, and calming. This can be, for example, a skin oil based on valuable natural oils or medicinal herbs that is quickly absorbed and deeply nourishes the skin without overcare or remaining visible on the skin surface as a shiny film.

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