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Jennifer Aniston: This Hair Care Product Is Behind The Natural Look Of The Actress


Jennifer Aniston: This hair care product is behind the natural look of the actress
Jennifer Aniston is known for her cult hairstyle: Now her stylists are revealing the hair care that gives her her natural look...

Isn't it reassuring to find out that stars like Jennifer Aniston don't have any super genes, but simply rely on the right care for their radiant look? For almost three decades, the 52-year-old has not only been in the public eye for her acting - initially through the cult series Friends, but also thanks to numerous films and her own productions in the course of her career - but also for her wrinkle-free skin, her glow, and her iconic hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston owes this radiant look not only to her consistency in skin and hair care but also to her styling team, which now reveals the most important tips for the typical Jennifer Aniston hairstyle and healthy hair.

Jennifer Aniston owes its natural and casual look to this hair care product

When it comes to hair, Jennifer Aniston has long worked with the same stylists who not only developed her iconic Rachel cut but also took care of her hair care - the people behind Jennifer Aniston's look are Chris McMillen and Michael Canalé. "The way she wears her makeup, the way she wears her hair, the way she wears her clothes, has an ease - and that's why people can relate to her," says hairstylist Chris McMillan of American Vogue on Jennifer Aniston and sums up why the actress' look has retained such relevance over the decades. But this is really not by chance: Jennifer Aniston pays meticulous attention to her hair care and adheres to the tried and tested routines - which include regular and intensive care in addition to gentle styling.

In addition to hair care, Jennifer Aniston has the tips cut every four weeks - and thus regularly says goodbye to the signs of exhausting styling. According to Chris McMillan, severe split ends or hair breakage cannot occur in the first place. Jennifer Aniston also dispenses with extremely hot curling irons or straightening irons and prefers to use a round brush and a hairdryer for her soft waves. This spares the tips from the greater heat evil and also contributes to the much more natural look for which the actress is so known.

The secret of Jennifer Aniston's look, however, is above all the regularity of hair care, which even gives her colored hair a healthy shine - the 52-year-old takes care of her hairstyle in a four-step routine. And works its way through the hair from the scalp to the tips at deliberate intervals.

Jennifer Aniston owes its natural and casual look to this hair care product | Jennifer Aniston: This hair care product is behind the natural look of the actress

Jennifer Aniston owes its natural and casual look to this hair care product | Jennifer Aniston: This hair care product is behind the natural look of the actress
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Effective hair care: Jennifer Aniston relies on these steps for her hairstyle

1. Scalp Care

Although the scalp is the basis of the hair and has a great influence on its texture, it is often forgotten in care. But not with Jennifer Aniston! She knows about the effectiveness of a healthy scalp and therefore consciously integrates it into her hair care routine. Because of their coloring, sensitive skin and hair roots are also stressed and need extra attention.

Once a month, Chris McMillan carries out what is known as Scientific Brushing - a technique that uses powerful brushing movements to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, remove dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth. In addition, Jennifer Aniston lathers her hair twice with shampoo instead of once and chooses a scalp scrub every now and then to really remove all dirt particles and deposits. By the way: Chris McMillan is also working on the approach with a conditioner for Jennifer Aniston to care for all of the hair - in his opinion, this has no negative effects on the volume.

2. Regular hair care

At Jennifer Aniston, it's not just her stylists who care for the hair, she also abides by her rules. And these include a hair wash with changing products, the constant use of conditioners, and regular touch-ups from the professionals. Jennifer Aniston does not only go to recut when her hair looks like it or dyes new strands as soon as a beginning becomes visible, but prefers to rely on continuity. This is particularly important with her blonde highlights: For Jennifer Aniston, colorist Michael Canalé prefers to work with gentle methods and colors her hair step by step - this is why her transition tone bronde (a combination of brown and blonde) has now become a trend.


3. Intensive care

Jennifer Aniston uses an intensive hair care mask once a week - it is supposed to restore shine to her hair, nourish the deep structure and make the hairstyle look healthy. For her strands, Michael Canalé also likes to choose a hair glossing that supports the color and gives a lot of moisture during bleaching. According to experts, these steps do not have to be carried out every week, but at regular intervals. With Jennifer Aniston, there is never a moment when her hair looks damaged and needs to be repaired.

4. Styling

From the red carpet to dinner events to everyday situations: In the life of a Jennifer Aniston, extensive hair styling is part of a normal week. This naturally damages the hair and must therefore be supported with conscious care. For a curly hairstyle, actress Jennifer Aniston definitely uses heat protection, for straight hair Chris McMillan likes to work with nourishing hair oil, for voluminous looks with a volume spray.

All Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles are rounded off with a light hairspray that does not weigh down the hairstyle and makes it look very natural, and a finishing spray for a shiny touch.

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