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Blonde Hair Like Billie Eilish - This Is How The Trendy "Hot Girl Summer" Look Succeeds, According To An Expert


Do like Billie Eilish and hit the bleach this summer - but first listen to what hairstylist Alex Brownsell has to say.

Blonde Hair Like Billie Eilish - Hot Girl Summer | Blonde Hair Like Billie Eilish - This is How The Trendy "Hot Girl Summer" Look Succeeds, According To An Expert

When pop superstar Billie Eilish changed her deep black hair with a bright green approach to blonde hair over a period of six weeks - a cream-colored blonde (until then she was wearing a wig) - this process was accompanied by loud applause from the Internet. Because Look presented her on the cover of British VOGUE.

Eilish decided to take this step after a fan-created a mock-up of the light-maned singer. But since the 19-year-old singer had experimented a lot with her hairstyle before, she was concerned about what further bleaching could do to her hair, to the point that she almost didn't pull it off. In fact, fear of hair loss is one of the reasons most people refrain from dyeing their hair blonde - but it doesn't have to be.

“I always tell my customers inside: 'It's as if you came to me with a pair of jeans and I'll give you silk trousers that you can only dry clean,'” says the master colorist and founder of Bleach London, Alex Brownsell. "You can keep these trousers in good condition as well as your jeans if you care for them properly." That's a good thing because now that summer is just around the corner for millions of us and the Corona rules are being relaxed in many places, many of us want to bring new pep to our look.

Just in time for “Hot Girl Summer” - top tips for perfect blonde hair

Where does the idea “if you bleach your hair, it will fall out” come from?

Alex Brownsell: There is a huge stigma surrounding the use of bleach. It's a holdover from the 80s when everyone got a perm and bleached their hair, causing it to fall out. But that was because of the perms, the bleaching process, and the crazy styling on top of that. Today we use super conditioning products and there are ways to take care of your hair so it doesn't fall out.

There are also a lot of misconceptions about bleaching Afro-textured hair - it's more delicate and delicate, meaning that if you use bleach in the same way as European hair, it will be more damaged. Regardless of the base color, it gets lighter very quickly, but people assume that it is very difficult to bleach and takes forever - they leave the bleach on too long and damage the hair.

How do I know which shade of blonde suits me?

The same rules apply to hair as to makeup. It's about whether you suit cool tones or warm tones. If it's warm then you can ask for tones of caramel or move towards copper or ginger which is very trendy right now; if it is cool then you should choose ash and ice tones.

How do I know which shade of blonde suits me? | Blonde Hair Like Billie Eilish - This is How The Trendy "Hot Girl Summer" Look Succeeds, According To An Expert


What do you have to consider when coloring your hair, especially if you are doing this yourself?

  1. The most important thing is to test your hair. If you've ever dyed your hair brown or even just tinted it and you can't see it anymore, the color will be embedded in the fiber trunk of your hair. As soon as you put some bleach on it it will turn red. This is the main thing to look out for when bleaching your hair.
  2. If you have completely virgin hair - that is, no chemical treatments, including straightening - this is the perfect base to start with and you're ready to go. If you are coloring your own hair, just follow the instructions and everything will go like clockwork - but you need to read the instructions. That's one more thing people don't do, you'd be surprised. There is a process behind it.
  3. Do not apply the dye directly to the roots as the heat from the head will lighten them faster than the tips. Apply the color to the tips first and color the roots in the last 20 minutes, this will give an even color. I don't think there are three steps to lighten the hair. I like to use a slightly smaller amount of peroxide, but let it sit longer and take care of the approach towards the end.
  4. For my customers who have afro-textured hair, I usually let the bleach sit for a maximum of ten minutes. If you do that, you get pretty blonde. For people with more resilient dark hair types and Asian hair, the opposite is true. They take a lot longer to process the paint, so you'll need to let it sit for up to an hour or even longer. It is much better to get your hair the right shade in one pass than it is to dye it two or three times. The color you want is similar to the inside of a banana peel or custard yellow.
  5. If you have black color in your hair or overly worked hair, see a salon or a specialist in bleaching. If your natural hair is red then you need to do a hair test because some redheads are naturally very resilient and others can lighten very quickly.

How should you care for your hair after bleaching?

As far as care is concerned, you can't just grab a straightening iron or curling iron or a hot hairdryer and use them as usual. I blow dry my hair roughly once a month. I work with the texture because I want it to be colored. Of course, if you want to style it a little you can, but it will end up doing a little more damage to your hair. You also need to pay attention to your grooming routine; Treatments are important. Make sure to brush your hair a lot and use a silk pillowcase to protect the hair from pillow rubbing.

The best products for Afro-textured hair are rich in oils, butter, and natural ingredients. This is good for post-treatment, but you'll also need to add something with plenty of protein. So use something like one of our “bleach” treatments or an Olaplex-like treatment - something that will give you a little extra support.

Billie Eilish's cover for British VOGUE gave us the ultimate “blonde bombshell” moment. Looking back, who did you think was the ultimate blonde bombshell?

[The actresses] Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, and [the singer] Debbie Harry - strong characters who are not afraid of their femininity and who use it in powerful ways.

How has the look of the “blonde bombshell” and the once sexy blonde evolved?

Being blonde or dying your hair blonde has less to do with being sexy and more to do with expressing who you are and wanting to change. For Gen Z, Billie Eilish is the new figurehead for being blonde. Yes, she was super sexy on the cover of UK VOGUE, but she didn't dye her hair blonde to be sexy - she did it to be herself. It's also a good base from which to work with other colors or nuances.

What shades of blonde are you expecting to see this summer?

We see a blonde move away from cool, ashy tones that were in vogue in the past. (We've been obsessed with it for the past 10 years.) It's going to get a lot warmer, from creamy tones to ginger or copper. People want a warm shade that is a little softer. You are coming out of lockdown and want to try something new.

What shades of blonde are you expecting to see this summer? | Blonde Hair Like Billie Eilish - This is How The Trendy "Hot Girl Summer" Look Succeeds, According To An Expert

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