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Hula Hoops Will Be A Fitness Trend Again In 2023!


Reminiscent of a children's toy, but it is a highly effective fitness device: the hula hoop. How training with new, massaging tire variants as a fitness trend effectively contributes to weight reduction and why it is so popular especially for a slim waist and tight abdominal muscles.

Fitness trend: Why everyone is turning their hula hoops now?

Fitness trend: Why everyone is turning their hula hoops now? | Hula hoops will be a fitness trend again in 2023!
Then as now: Training with hula hoops is fun and slim - and will again become a popular fitness trend in 2021...

History of the fitness trend: from antique wooden hoops to fitness hoops

As early as ancient times, athletes are said to have improved their mobility with wooden tires; in the 19th century, so-called tire running (or tire driving) with the help of a stick and tire throwing was a popular game of skill. It wasn't until the summer of 1958, when a Californian company first manufactured the tire from colored plastic and in various sizes, that hip circles with rings experienced a worldwide boom as a fitness trend. In keeping with the Hawaiian model, the name “Hula Hoop” has now established itself (“Hula” from the traditional Hawaiian dance and “Hoop” from the English word for “tire”). From then on, the hula hoop established itself as a professional training device in sport, for example in dance, acrobatics, or rhythmic gymnastics.

History of the fitness trend: from antique wooden hoops to fitness hoops | Hula hoops will be a fitness trend again in 2023!
Fitness trend Hula Hoop: Throwing tires as a popular game variant in the 1960s...

The Hula Hoop is currently experiencing a new comeback in the sports sector and as a workout trend, which is mainly due to the changed shape: the former wooden tire has been turned into a modern fitness tool - designed solely to effectively support body styling and made from fat cells to make toned muscle tissue. Because the new hula hoops are not hard and narrow but padded with foam and about five to seven centimeters thick. They can also be put together from six to eight individual parts (and dismantled again to save space), filled with weight on the inside, and changed in their overall diameter, which also allows the training effect to be varied. Most of these fitness hoops also have an uneven surface feel, such as a wavy inside, knobs, or grooves, which (in addition to the actual muscle training) results in an additional massage effect.

Fitness trend with tires: the hula hoop workout is so effective for the figure

As usual, the primary training effect lies in the movement itself, i.e. the constant turning and balancing of the tire at waist height. In order to keep the tire up for minutes, basic body tension is necessary, and the oblique and straight muscles on the stomach, waist, back, and even in the buttocks and thighs are challenged during the workout, and that non-stop. The undulating or nubby inside also mechanically massages and irritates the tissue, which stimulates blood flow and effectively stimulates metabolic processes, especially fat breakdown. In addition, the Hula Hoop training improves the condition and increases calorie consumption. The modern fitness tires can not only be dismantled into individual parts, they can also be filled with additional weight. The heavier the tire (empty it weighs about 1.2 kg), the more demanding and sweaty the workout with the fitness trend.


Hula Hoop: This is how you train properly with the fitness trend

Every beginning is difficult! If you are inexperienced, you will lose the tire after a few revolutions and have to start over. In addition, the unfamiliar strain can not only cause sore muscles but also pressure pain along the waist, which is of course even more pronounced with the massage tires. The right fitness outfit (not belly free!) And a moderate training start prevent. For a start, a 10-minute hula hoop training two to three times a week is ideal. Stand about shoulder-width apart, tense your muscles and stretch or bend your arms left and right to keep your balance.

Tip: A reduced-calorie diet and firming body care, for example with alternating showers, massage brushes, and cellulite treatments, accelerate the figure-improving effect.

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