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Hair Removal: Best Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Hair


Regardless of whether it is spread over the cheeks as a delicate fluff or as individual small hairs on the mouth and chin: facial hairs are often perceived as annoying by women. Because they are in view, can be inflammatory and make the skin appear more uneven, perhaps even with larger pores. And because a delicate, smooth complexion is ideal. Especially facial hair, which is not baby-soft, white-blonde, and barely visible, but contrasts darkly with the skin, is often removed. So here are the five most effective ways to get rid of facial hair - from non-permanent to permanent.

Hair Removal: Top 5 Methods to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Hair Removal: Top 5 Methods to Get Rid of Facial Hair | Hair Removal: Best Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair
The skin on the face should be fine-pored, smooth, and free of hairs...

The 5 best ways to remove facial hair

1. For successful removal: Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is actually not new, but the comeback of the last few years has given rise to not only a new name but also more modern tools. Ultimately, it is nothing more than a (careful) facial shave with a blade made of steel or plastic - allegedly to have been practiced with enthusiasm by beauty icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor! Dermaplaning not only shortens facial hairs, dead skin cells and clogged pores are also removed so that the skin is then hairless, clean, and visibly more radiant. Dermaplaning can be booked with a professional, for example with a dermatologist or in the day spa, or with the appropriate tools for self-application. And always carefully and concentrated - after all, hold a blade to your face! Effect: non-permanent.


2. Face-sugaring for hair removal

With face sugaring, the hairs (like body sugaring) are plucked from the skin using sugar paste and the roots. Assumes some practice and a sense of proportion (especially along the browbones!) And can be uncomfortable here and there or lead to skin irritations. Compared to conventional depilatory wax, sugaring is considered a more natural and at the same time more skin-friendly variant. Tip: Try first on an inconspicuous area (e.g. on the side of the cheek) to develop a feeling for the correct application and plucking. And to see how the sensitive skin of the face reacts to this sometimes harsh, mechanical treatment. Ideal for flat facial hair, such as baby fluff on the cheeks or a woman's beard. Effect: semi-permanent.

3. Hair removal with cold wax strips

Pre-cut strips of cold wax are just as practical as they are effective; they only have to be removed from their protective film, pressed onto the skin, and then plucked off again. The strips are available from various manufacturers and were already a popular method of removing facial hairs with our mothers. New are cold wax stencils that are precisely tailored to the curve of the browbones or the shape of the upper lip, thanks to which the beauty refresh is carried out within a few minutes. Ideal for (business) trips and anyone in a hurry. Effect: semi-permanent.

4. Laser light therapy to remove facial hair

Laser light therapy for hair removal is actually a purely professional treatment method by dermatologists and anti-aging experts - thanks to the latest product launches (and in softer variants) it can also be used by yourself. "Lumea" from Philips and the "Silk-Expert Pro" from Braun is regarded as proven and safe tools. The devices developed for skin treatment emit targeted laser light pulses that are absorbed by the hair follicles and roots, damaging them and causing them to die. As a result, the hair no longer grows at all, slows down or weakens, so that the facial hair thins out or disappears from application to application. Effect: permanent.

5. Hair removal: Electro or needle epilation

Similar to laser light therapy, electro (or needle epilation) is also aimed at permanent damage to the hair roots. To do this, the finest surgical needles are first pushed along the hair canal towards the hair root, which then passes on electrical current or heat impulses to the hair root in the next step. An electrochemical reaction ensues that obliterates the hair follicle and effectively stops hair growth. Since this has to be done from hair to hair, the treatment is quite time-consuming - albeit very effective. Such treatments can be booked from specialized dermatologists and medical spas. Effect: permanent.

Care tip: This is the right after shave care

Whether with cold wax or a current pulse - a depilation treatment always requires a skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating treatment. Especially when it takes place on the face! Textures with aloe vera, thermal water, or hyaluronic acid, which are also enriched with skin-soothing ingredients such as medicinal herb extracts, tea tree oil, or salicylic acid, are ideal. Tip: Never plan hair removal at short notice or before important appointments, but always relax and plan for an evening in which you can take your time.

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