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"Effortless French Hair" Will Be Our Favorite Hairstyle Trend For 2023


France is not only known for its magnificent architecture, delicious specialties, and the beautiful Mediterranean coast, but also for the effortless beauty that exudes from the people there. The French are considered fashion pioneers around the world, and their beauty secrets are also highly coveted. No wonder, then, that in 2022 a hairstyle trend will emerge that is inspired by the French and will be absolutely suitable for everyday use thanks to its super simple styling.

"Effortless French Hair" Will Be Our Favorite Hairstyle Trend For 2023

Effortless French Hair: That's what the 2022 hairstyle trend is all about

"Less is more", says a proverb. But admittedly, that's sometimes easier said than done. We realize this especially when we dare to look in the mirror for the first time in the morning after pressing the snooze button five times. What winks at us in the mirror is the following: disheveled hair, dark circles down to the back of the knees, and sleep lines on the face. Not infrequently in the past we have tried to tame our mane with all our might and risked walking to the meeting too late. Thanks to the new hairstyle trend 2022, this is now over.

The style of the French is often described in one word: nonchalant. Translated, this means something like "unforced". As it turns out, the principle also works great when it comes to hairstyling. "Effortless French Hair" is the name of the hairstyle trend that promises us a good hair day every day. This is achieved with a haircut that is characterized by a chin to shoulder length and is rounded off by a fringed finish. For more volume, the French also swear by fine, almost invisible layers. Beauty professionals also wear bangs or curtain bangs with the hairstyle trend.

This is how we style the hairstyle trend 2022

"Effortless" means "effortless" and this word describes the styling effort of the hairstyle trend in 2022. Wash, let your hair air dry - et voilà. However, to ensure that your hair still looks well-groomed and healthy, you should use conditioners and hair masks regularly. Natural make-up and delicate, red lipstick complete your look.

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