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Blunt Bob Is The Perfect Summer Hairstyle


Find out here why Rosamund Pike's haircut is the perfect summer hairstyle after lockdown - and how, according to experts, you can best style it.

Tired of the lockdown bun? The blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle

The blunt bob is the trendy hairstyle that replaces the lockdown bun

If you've gotten used to split ends and the "lockdown bun" in the past 12 months, chances are this haircut, the blunt bob, is just right for you. The blunt bob has received tremendous press lately thanks to Rosamund Pike's guillotine-sharp look in "I Care A Lot," and is here to save your tired hair from going wild.

Rosamund Pike with Blunt Bob

Rosamund Pike with Blunt Bob | Blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle
Rosamund Pike with the geometric blunt bob cut.

For those who don't know: Pike's razor-sharp cut not only makes a statement but also means business - just like Marla Grayson, her scheming character in the film. The blunt bob was not only seen on the Chanel Fall / Winter 2021 catwalk, but also on other stars such as Saoirse Ronan, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Kerry Washington, and Cate Blanchett. Not to forget Gwyneth Paltrow, who catapulted the style into an icon thanks to her role as Margot Tenenbaum in "The Royal Tenenbaums". An elegant haircut that can be worn both extravagantly and loosely and which is the perfect hairstyle for a return to real life.

Rosamund Pike with Blunt Bob | Blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle
Instagram: @viviennerohner

Hairdresser Larry King has already had customers asking for interpretations of the look. The customers wanted to feel good again. "There's something sophisticated about this look," he says on the phone. "It's very easy to make this hairstyle look elegant, but it can also be worn casual, cool, and soft with a casual feel." While King agrees that the style is versatile, he emphasizes that blunt bob wearers always make a statement through him. The moment we get out of lockdown, this look becomes a "Bang! I have it!" awaken in its wearers.

Naomi Campbell also wears the blunt bob

Naomi Campbell also wears the blunt bob | Blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle
Naomi Campbell with the blunt bob in an elegant manner.

While some shy away from the idea of going for a geometric haircut - namely those with round faces - King assures that this look can really work for anyone. It's all about getting the hair cut the right length, he explains. "It makes a big difference whether a cut is just above the jaw or an inch below it. You are talking about a scale of maybe three centimeters, but that scale makes all the difference. Within that scale there is one cut for all face shapes," he says. "For a heart-shaped face, for example, I cut the hair above the jaw so that it sits on the cheeks, while for round faces I cut to the jawline - or just below it."

Naomi Campbell also wears the blunt bob | Blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle
Instagram: @jestem_kasia

The cut is important, but the trick to really achieving the blunt bob look lies in how you style it. While both the small and French bob is all about working with your natural texture, the blunt bob variant requires a little more finesse and styling time. Something that many of us will happily do after twelve months in which we have invested little to no time in styling.

King advises blow-drying hair straight with a blow dryer and using products that moisturize, add shine, and smooth out frizz. "You can tuck one or both sides behind your ears for an elegant evening," he adds. Alternatively, you can also use a good straightening iron, such as the new Max Styler from GHD, to straighten the hair and give it a mirror-like shine. And on the days when you just don't feel like it? Just flip the hair on one side for voluminous bangs, "recommends King.


The Blunt Bob Styling Kit

The Blunt Bob Styling Kit | Blunt bob is the perfect summer hairstyle
The "Max Styler" straightening iron from ghd

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