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This Unlikely Ingredient Boosts Hair Growth!


What if we told you that we finally found an equally natural alternative to castor oil? We unveil this active ingredient that could offer you the XXL lengths you dream of so much.

This Unlikely Ingredient Boosts Hair Growth!

Followers of long hair know that growing your hair out is not always easy. You usually have to take extra care to maintain your hair when you want it to lengthen as long as possible without the ends getting damaged or forming split ends. Otherwise, we know, all that will be left is to cut them off and lose those precious hard-earned centimeters. In our quest for endless lengths, nourishing and restorative treatments such as masks and leave-in skincare creams are certainly valuable allies. But they are not always enough. Many are those who also need a little help, with growth accelerating treatments. While specific beauty brand treatments that are provided for this purpose are generally good products to help you gain length, when looking for an all-natural alternative, vegetable oils are ideal treatments.

Among them, castor oil is the most famous, and certainly the most used, but to change a little of this oil which takes care of our hair but also of our eyelashes, our eyebrows, and our nails, we can also count on an improbable ingredient...: the onion! Yes, yes, you read that right! And it is more precisely with onion oil that you have to treat your hair to gain the precious centimeters that you miss so much.

This Unlikely Ingredient Boosts Hair Growth!

Onion oil: a growth accelerator and an anti-hair loss

Indeed, this little-known vegetable oil has nothing to envy castor oil because it, too, is able to promote the growth of our hair and strengthen it to allow us to lengthen it quickly. A quality that it owes to its high sulfur content, an important mineral for the body which is used in particular to synthesize certain essential amino acids that are found mainly in the hair but also in the nails and bones. Sulfur, on the other hand, is mainly stored in the bulb of the onion, so don't be surprised if you find the word bulb extract in the INCI list of your beauty oil. It is precisely this one that makes us cry when we cut an onion to cook it. But, we must admit, we gladly forgive him the few tears he makes us shed, given his benefits on our lengths.

Like almost all hair growth accelerator treatments, onion oil is also a good treatment for combating hair loss. By strengthening the hair, it will also slow down the loss and promote their regrowth. It is therefore a perfect natural remedy if your hair is losing density and you want to regain a beautiful hair mass. But the beneficial effects of onion oil on our hair don't end there.

Onion Oil Isn't Just Good For Hair Growth

Like many vegetable oils, onion oil has beneficial moisturizing and protective properties for our lengths. Thus, once applied to the hair, it will also protect the hair from external aggressions, in addition to making the lengths soft and silky. And that's what you look for when you have long hair, and not just elsewhere! You can therefore use it in your hair routine to maintain the beauty (and the health) of your hair, without necessarily needing (or wanting) to grow your hair faster.

In addition to this nourishing action, onion vegetable oil has antifungal properties that are very useful for cleansing the scalps. Its antiseptic properties allow it to fight against certain types of dandruff, and more particularly against those caused by the presence of a fungus on the scalp. By limiting the proliferation of the latter and helping to make it disappear, it gets rid of dandruff in the process.

Perfect onion oil? Yes, almost, because we must recognize its little smell of onion, which will not be to everyone's taste even if it disappears quickly once the hair is washed.

How to use onion oil on the hair?

It all depends on your precise expectations because onion oil is not used in the same way depending on whether you want to treat a dandruff problem, promote the growth of your hair (or slow down their fall) or take care of your hair. lengths.

If in all cases, this vegetable oil is used pure, it can either be applied directly to the scalp with a few drops massaged to stimulate hair growth or help you get rid of dandruff, or be applied throughout the hair as an oil bath.


Onion oil for scalp care: instructions for use

Take a few drops of the oil and apply them directly to your scalp, making sure to perform small circular massages with the pads of your fingers, and to massage the entire head: in the back of the neck, behind the temples, and on top of the head. This massage not only allows the oil to penetrate but also stimulates blood circulation which is essential for good hair growth.

How to do a hair oil bath with onion oil?

Plan to do your treatment on dry hair, about 30 minutes before your shampoo or the day before shampooing to leave the treatment on as much as possible if the slight onion smell of the oil does not bother you.

Usually, two to four tablespoons of oil are more than enough for long hair. No need to overdo it.

Benefits also on the skin!

Good news also for those who have no hair problems and who do not like oil baths: onion oil can also be used to take care of the skin. Applied to the body, it nourishes the skin, stimulates the production of collagen to keep it firm, and protects it from external aggressions. Virtues that it also has on the face, which it is also able to purify to limit the appearance of imperfections thanks to its natural antiseptic effects.

In short, you will understand, if the onion makes us cry, its oil is more than enough to put a smile on our lips.

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