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Bandana Hairstyles: How To Style The Towels


They were trendy in the 90s, now you can see bandanas everywhere again. The small triangular scarves are not only wonderfully suitable as accessories on the handbag, on the wrist, or as a scarf. The all-rounder can also be used as a hair towel. As? We'll show you!

Bandana hairstyles for re-styling

Bandana hairstyles for re-styling | Bandana Hairstyles: How to Style the Towels

How to do it?

In this gallery, we show you great hairstyles with Badana towels. Whether in combination with bun or braids - this hair accessory is always a real eye-catcher! Click through the gallery and let yourself be inspired.

Bandana for the bun

It doesn't always have to be the Axl Rose memory look. You already know: the singer of the cult band “Guns n 'Roses” likes to wear his red bandana around his forehead. This black triangular scarf is tied very thinly and placed a little behind the hairline. Tie your hair in a bun as usual - done.


Bandana to the ponytail

The easiest way to wear the scarf: As a hair tie replacement for a ponytail. To do this, tie a braid and wrap the bandana around the braid twice. Now form a loop - and the perfect rockabilly look has been achieved!

Braided bandana

On hot summer days we recommend this romantic hairstyle:

  1. Part your hair in half in the middle.
  2. Place the thinly tied bandana behind the neck.
  3. Braid the bandana ends in your hair on the left and right in a braid.
  4. Connect the two finished braids in the middle of the head and tie the protruding ends of the shawl together in a bow or ball.

You can also use the bandana as sunscreen.

Braided bandana | Bandana Hairstyles: How to Style the Towels

Bandana as a headband

The bandana can also simply be worn as a headband with loose or braided hair. Style your hairstyle as usual and place the bandana over it and knot it at the back.

Bandana as a headband | Bandana Hairstyles: How to Style the Towels

Bandana as a hairband

The hair can also be easily tied off the face with a bandana. Perfect for summer and more comfortable than any headband.

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