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Absolutely Trendy: Why Everyone Is Crazy About The "Petit Bob" Now?


It is and remains our favorite hairstyle: the bob. For years we have preferred to wear our hair in a long bob or as a trendy tob. In the new season, our absolute go-to hairstyle is once again getting a styling update. We are talking about the new trend hairstyle "Petit Bob"! We tell you how best to wear the new bob and which styling products are essential.

Absolutely Trendy: Why Everyone is Crazy About The "Petit Bob" Now?

"Petit" means "small" in French and already reveals the length of the new bob hairstyle. Because it's pretty short. That means exactly: The tips should reach no more than the chin. Unlike the similar for the bob, the length of the "petit bob" remains the same at the back and at the front. Actresses like Lucy Boynton, Emilia Clarke, and Kate Hudson are already big fans, but fashionistas like Xenia Adonts, Pam Hetlinger, and Caro Daur bravely grabbed the scissors and parted with their long hair. No wonder! The trendy hairstyle suits almost every face shape and makes us all look much younger, fresher, and cooler.

Absolutely Trendy: Why Everyone is Crazy About The "Petit Bob" Now?

How to style the “petit bob”?

Like its predecessors, the "Petit Bob" can be worn in a wide variety of ways. It is only important that the edge is cut bluntly and horizontally and not slightly asymmetrically. When it comes to styling, everything is allowed. Gentle waves ensure a cool undone look, straight hair gives your look a classy touch and big curls look casual and modern. A micro fringe also goes with the new bob trend and gives it a certain touch of Parisian chic.

It's best to style your hair, as usual, blow-dry it with the round brush for more volume or straighten it with the straightening iron and then add some dry shampoo to the hairline. This gives your hair more grip and extra volume. Finally fix the "Petit Bob" with hairspray so that it stays in place all day long. Finished!

Who does the "Petit Bob" suit?

The “petit bob” suits women with an oval and narrow face shape in particular. Because the length (or shortness) of the hair gives the face more fullness and thus softer features. The hairstyle is perfect for women with a very thin hair structure, as it gives the hair more volume and prevents split ends.

Who does the `Petit Bob` suit? | Absolutely Trendy: Why Everyone is Crazy About The "Petit Bob" Now?

But even if you have a heart-shaped face shape, the bob will look great on you. Then you style your hair in a side parting or have a pony cut to go with it. Only women with very round and square faces should keep their hands off the scissors. The blunt cut emphasizes angular features even more and the chin-length makes round faces appear even fuller.

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