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Selena Gomez Now Wears Her Bob With Bangs


Selena Gomez is sporting bangs now, and with that, we love her bob hairstyle even more.

Selena Gomez has been sporting a bob for a while. Now she has crowned her cool hairstyle with a pony.

Selena Gomez Now Wears Her Bob with Bangs

Selena Gomez's signature look for many years has been her long, dark hair. But then the point came when she wanted a hairstyle makeover: she had a bob cut. And now she's adding bangs to her bob.

Her hair development is progressing step by step and we can relate to it quite well. After all, how often have we had appointments with the hairdresser where we dared to try something new and even followed up a short time later once the spell was broken. If you like Selena Gomez's new hairstyle, you can start with a straight bob and see if the front part can also give way the next time you visit the salon.

Selena Gomez unveils new bangs

On Instagram, she shows the world her new hairstyle and writes: "New hair, who is it?" She wears her dark brown bob with lush and slightly tousled curls. The new bangs are also wavy, creating a messy and daring look. The curly bangs make the singer and actress look ultra-stylish and effortlessly chic.

Selena Gomez unveils new bangs | Selena Gomez Now Wears Her Bob with Bangs
Instagram: @selenagomez

In the picture, Selena Gomez wears a silky black Celine top, earrings, peachy lipstick, and glamorous makeup on her eyes. Bangs aren't entirely new territory for Selena Gomez - she's had the front section cropped from time to time. However, this is the first time that she has combined it with a wavy and shorter hairstyle.

Bangs styling like Selena Gomez

Her trusted hairstylist, Orlando Pita, whom she also linked in the photo, uses a curling iron and lots of volumizing spray for this type of curl. When haircutting, it is important that the fringe is not cut too short. The curls ensure that he pulls himself up even further. If you want to be on the safe side, you can have curtain bangs cut and then try out a curling iron or round brush.

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