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New Year, New Hair Color? We Will Wear These 8 Color Trends In 2023


Whether deep black with blue tips, candy pink, or colorful strands with a rainbow effect: These 8 extravagant hair color trends will conquer 2021.

New year, new hair color? We will wear these 8 color trends in 2023

We'll be wearing these hair colors in 2021

Even if the hairdressing salons are still closed - we're already showing the hair color trends that we want to wear in 2021. This year is going to be extravagant. For those who dare to do more, there are these unconventional color trends: from the deep black with blue highlights to colorful strands that are reminiscent of a rainbow, or candy pink highlights. The new golden blonde, silver-gray, or great blonde color effects that are colored with the new tweed technique are a bit more classic.

These eight hair colors are among the color trends that are emerging for 2021. Hair specialist Biaggio Dileo reveals in VOGUE Mexico & Latin America how the trendy hair colors are styled.

Hair color: Blue black

Hair color: Blue black | New year, new hair color? We will wear these 8 color trends in 2023

In 2021 it will be blue-black when it comes to trend hair colors.

In 2021, black hair color will experience its comeback with new details: "It is time to combine blue or even green tones with black hair. The blue or light green color details, such as delicate strands or even wider areas, are on the black The base is set in the lengths and tips, "explains Dileo.

Rainbow highlights with a surprise effect

Hair color with a rainbow effect: this extravagant look is the trend for all those who are brave and risky. The multicolored strands in rainbow colors are placed under the top hair and appear as a flash of color with a surprise effect; it will look creative and fun. We're talking about a hair color trend that will completely renew your look.

Baby lights - as if kissed by the sun

This natural color effect is intended to imitate hair that has been lightened by the holiday sun. It's perfect for those who want to dye their hair naturally as it doesn't require dye at the roots. "The prerequisite is a beautiful, natural hair color from blonde to brown, which becomes brighter with the help of the fine strands," emphasizes Biaggio Dileo.


New dyeing technique: Tweed

The traditional balayage technique is being replaced by tweed. This technique is similar to balayage, only that it takes a subtle twist. A lighter shade is chosen as the basic hair color to better complement the light blonde highlights, or darker basic color is chosen and combined with darker highlights. Then small points of light are set in each section to achieve soft transitions in the hair.

The special thing about this method, however, is smaller, light areas that do not cover the natural hair color, but rather bring it to light. Also, the tweed coloring is characterized by the presence of reflections of light at the roots, while the standard balayage starts with lightened hair from the center to the tips.

Trend hair color: Candy pink

Trend hair color: Candy pink | New year, new hair color? We will wear these 8 color trends in 2023

Ariel Winter with candy pink as hair color.

Pink hair surprises us by presenting itself in delicate cotton candy tones. An example of "candy pink" hair is that of Ariel Winter, who wears strands in very subtle rose gold and some with light pastel nuances for the pink effect.

Two-dimensional effects with foilage

In this technique, traditional strands of the film are combined with the natural balayage technique: "Foilyage is a mixture of both techniques in order to avoid frequent re-coloring of the roots." For the two-dimensional effect, fine, light strands are placed around the facial contour and at the hairline.

Hair color: Warm golden blonde

Also, golden hues will be trendy again this year and will provide warmth, light, and color. Although many shades of silver and gray will also be seen; warm gold reflections will secure a place as a trendy color in 2021.

Silver white

In 2020, many women decided to dye their hair gray to ease the transition to gray and to give up dyeing. Some wear it all gray with dark streaks for a more natural effect, or as a fashionable and daring color that we can maintain in 2021 with the help of purple pigmentation shampoos.

Silver white | New year, new hair color? We will wear these 8 color trends in 2023

Silver white hair is the trend in 2021.

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