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Heat Rash, Acne And Co: Skin Problems In Summer And What Helps Against Them


Summer is here and the heat with it. As much as we are happy about the bright season - our skin is not always that enthusiastic. In addition to sunburn, there are also heat rashes, summer acne, and other skin conditions that are triggered by heat, sweat, and the sun. We reveal which ones are available and what works against them.

Heat Rash, Acne and Co: Skin Problems In Summer And What Helps Against Them
Some skin conditions develop or worsen in the sun and heat. We reveal what works against it.

Heat Rash, Acne and Co: Skin Problems In Summer And What Helps Against Them
In summer we don't just have to protect our skin from sunburn.

When the sun is shining and the temperatures rise, we all want to get out of the door again. But the heat also makes us sweat more. This in turn can lead to uncomfortable summer skin problems. Dr. Anna Brandenburg, a specialist in dermatology, venereology, and allergology reveals what helps against heat rashes and the like.

Heat blisters

What are heat rashes and how do they arise?

They occur in the armpits, in the décolleté, or on the upper back - wherever there is an increased number of sweat glands. If these are particularly active in the heat, unpleasant pimples and pustules can form. The moist heat clogs the sweat glands, the sweat builds up and the raised, itchy pustules appear.

Getting rid of heat rash: what helps?

Clear heat pimples filled with colorless liquid sit on the upper layer of the skin and usually heal quickly and on their own. If the pores clog the deeper layers of the skin, more stubborn pimples may develop, which can itch and become inflamed. Here you should use special, cooling creams and light gel formulations with silica or zinc active ingredients. Antihistamines help relieve itching. If persistent inflammation persists, see a dermatologist get a prescription for an antibiotic ointment.


How to prevent heat blisters?

Wear breathable clothing to avoid unnecessarily clogging the sweat glands. These include, for example, cotton, silk, or linen. Do not use synthetic fibers. Mild scrubs and thorough showers are also preventative.

Sweaty hives

What are sweat hives?

It occurs mainly in summer: sweaty hives. Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are particularly affected. This is a specific type of hives. The skin is allergic to exertion and heat. Itchy redness and pinhead-sized wheals on the upper body and neck are the consequences. Sweat triggers the triggering of skin problems, but it is not the cause. The reason is an immune system weakness - as it is typical for allergies.

Treat and prevent redness and wheals

Avoiding the triggers is especially important to avoiding reddening of the skin and wheals. Try to find out. It could be direct sunlight, exercise, or temperature-increasing foods such as chili. In the case of existing skin irritation, use cooling and antipruritic preparations as well as antihistamines from the pharmacy. In the case of severe itching, you can use the active ingredient polidocanol externally, which numbs the skin superficially.

Acute acne

Does acne get worse in summer?

Is your skin particularly unclean in the heat? Acute inflammation of acne actually blooms, especially in summer. Direct sunlight in particular ensures the spread of existing inflammation and dark, permanent pigment changes. This is due, among other things, to the increased humidity and increased fat production, which can clog the pores. High temperatures also promote the growth of bad bacteria, an imbalance of the skin microbiome arises and the protective tasks can no longer be fulfilled.

Treating and preventing summer acne

Gentle, regular cleansing of the skin is in the foreground here. Avoid aggressive substances that dry out and attack the skin, instead rely on products that restore the skin's balance, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and provide moisture. Be sure to stay away from greasy products and greasy sun creams - light gels with chemical UV filters are recommended for people with acne. An in-between cleaning is also helpful for the diseased skin. Try to omit makeup as often as possible and use light BB creams instead of powders and heavy makeup if need be.

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