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This Hairstyle That We All Wore At School Is Making A Comeback


This hairstyle that we used to wear when we were little is making a comeback thanks to Kim Kardashian.

This Hairstyle That We All Wore At School is Making A Comeback

Fashion is an eternal renewal and it is often the same trends that come back. It is the same for beauty, whether it concerns makeup or hairdressing. Permanent curls, the two locks braided in the front of the face, the maxi brushing, the scrunchie, or the butterfly clips have recently made their comeback. Some hairstyles that we thought were buried forever have been brought up to date by the biggest stars on the planet. And all it takes is a selfie shared by one of them to relaunch a whole trend.

A few days ago, it was Kim Kardashian who tried a hairstyle and, probably unwittingly, revived a trend. Shared through his Instagram account, the post of Kanye West's ex-wife already has more than 3 million likes. So many people are convinced by Kim Kardashian's hairstyle.

Two low braids at the back of the neck

In the photo in question, Kim Kardashian wears two low braids. On the other hand, it is not about the famous boxer braids – which had moreover for a time become the signature hairstyle of the American star -, but indeed two braids starting at the hollow of the neck. A little loose and tied with small transparent rubber bands, the two braids are separated by a parting in the middle. This is simply the hairstyle we used to do when we were little. Today we recreate these two braids whether for an outing with friends, a day at the office, a sports session, or simply for a night's sleep!

Two low braids at the back of the neck | This Hairstyle That We All Wore At School is Making A Comeback
Instagram: @kimkardashian

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