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Demi Lovato: Pixie Cuts And Baby Bangs Are Back


Demi Lovato is extremely keen to experiment: After a short interlude with a mullet, the short pixie cut is now back...

Demi Lovato: Pixie Cuts and Baby Bangs are Back

Demi Lovato shows up with even shorter hair

2021 is sure to be an exciting year for Demi Lovato's hair. Der: The singer: in and songwriter: in began the new decade with a textured blonde bowl cut and said goodbye to the typical long, deep black hair completely. Since then, Lovato has shown just how versatile short haircuts are. On January 10th, Lovato showed herself with a pastel pink pixie cut and jumped on the immensely popular hair color trend, only to cut her hair even shorter at the end of February and then dyed it black again. Then Demi Lovato appeared at the iHeart Radio Awards in May 2021 with an edgy, pitch-black mullet. Now he wears: the singers: in a pixie cut again.

Demi Lovato shows up with even shorter hair | Demi Lovato: Pixie Cuts and Baby Bangs are Back
Instagram: @ddlovato | Demi Lovato

New year, new hair: Demi Lovato shines with a pixie cut and baby bangs

Lovato shared a few selfies with the new look on the Instagram story so fans can admire the new hairstyle too. Demi Lovato poses for the camera in a white and pink patterned shirt, a set of pearls, and pink earrings with "fuck" written in lower case letters.

The short black pixie cut has been brushed and styled forward with micro bangs that extend about an inch into the forehead. Although the hair is straight, it is full of volume. The textured pixie has been slightly curved at the ends by hairstylist Rena Calhoun, adding texture and movement to the style. We really need to know what products and tools are behind this stunning texture. Does the hairstylist rely on pomade or maybe on the combination of straightening iron and hairspray?

Back to the pixie cut: Demi Lovato goes for short hair

Back to the pixie cut: Demi Lovato goes for short hair | Demi Lovato: Pixie Cuts and Baby Bangs are Back
Demi Lovato has a new look on Instagram.

The super cute pixie cut isn't the only thing that gets our attention. Demi Lovato's makeup, conjured up by makeup artist Jill Powell, also looks flawless. Pink is clearly the theme here, so Jill Powell mixed up rosy and champagne pigments on the eyes and added a pair of long lashes. Demi Lovato's distinctive strong eyebrows also look gorgeous, as always. And for the lips, Jill Powell kept it simple with a light, pink-toned, neutral shade.

We are excited to see what other summer hairstyles Demi Lovato will present in the coming weeks. Perhaps: the singers: will return to the brightly colored hair and mix in some blue or green. But maybe wigs and other extensions will continue to be played with in order to further change the look. No matter what Lovato chooses, we're sure it will look fabulous as always.

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