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Layered Cut: That'S Why This Haircut Is One Of The Biggest Hairstyle Trends Of 2023


This year the tiered cut is celebrating its comeback. The hairdresser Hovig Etoyan reveals what makes the look so special and how to wear it now.

Layered cut: That's why this haircut is one of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2023

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The tiered cut is the hairstyle trend in 2021 and thus follows the celebrated shag cut in the 70s style and the mullet. The haircut is inspired by actresses from the 90s series, especially Rachel Green from "Friends", and makes millennials say goodbye to their straight haircut and have layers conjured up in their hair - and that refreshes the look immediately, as Hovig Etoyan explains. Together with the virtuoso hairdresser from Paris, we took a close look at the trendy haircut. We have also discovered the hairstyle on the catwalks of Fashion Week (Prada, Chloé, Valentino, Saint Laurent...).

Layered cut: Trend haircut for 2021

Layered cut: Trend haircut for 2021 | Layered cut: That's why this haircut is one of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2023

Layered cut: the trending haircut for 2021 ©

Can we speak of a return of the step pattern?

Hovig Etoyan: Since the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 I've noticed that my customers want their look a little more supple. In keeping with the current situation, they long for lightness, and this is also noticeable in the salon through the corresponding expectations of their own hairstyle. The feeling of freedom plays a major role, hair that resonates with every movement is desired. Lately, we have been very focused on straight cuts and now we see that more and more people with a hair want a slight gradation in one length.

What is the step average in 2021?

Hovig Etoyan: As we have seen, many people who were brave enough and wanted to change their look have recently opted for a mullet, but the shag cut of the 70s also celebrated its comeback, a cut with a pronounced gradation, which, however, clearly distinguishes itself from a mullet. The trendiest and most wearable is currently the step cut in long hair, in which the straight cut lengths are stepped through. Customers who previously wanted to keep their long hair long at all costs now dare to use the step cut to bring more movement to the lengths. A, in my opinion, very beautiful and sensual look. I think we owe this trend to the return of curly hair, which naturally appears to be rather irregular and layered. Women without natural curls or waves long for movement, volume, and suppleness. I particularly like the tiered cut with straight or fringed bangs. I think that gives it even more charm and character.

Layered cut: Trend haircut for 2021 | Layered cut: That's why this haircut is one of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2023

Layered cut: the hairstyle trend 2021 ©

Is the step cut suitable for everyone?

Hovig Etoyan: On the whole, yes, but as with any cut, you have to pay attention to the morphology of the face and body, but also to the nature and structure of the hair. These are important factors when considering a step cut. With very fine hair, I avoid layers and prefer straight cuts. Very long and thick hair is wonderfully suitable for a pronounced layered cut. For a short customer with long hair, I usually cut the hair to half the length to visually stretch her silhouette and then classify the hair from the middle.

In 2021 we will dare to do the step cut. We need movement, change and freedom - and that also applies to our hair!

What should you watch out for with a step-cut?

Hovig Etoyan: Long and layered hair need more attention. For home care, I recommend making a mask at least once a week and strictly protecting the hair from the heat of the hairdryer. To maintain the look, go to the hairdresser every two to three months so that the volume is in the right place and the steps stay at the optimal height.

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