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Hair Care: We Adopt The “Bowl Method” Which Gives Us Beautiful Curls


A new trendy beauty gesture on TikTok, the bowl method is a technique to adopt when shampooing to ensure pretty, plump, and well-hydrated curls.

Hair Care: We Adopt The “Bowl Method” Which Gives Us Beautiful Curls

As we know, since they are drier by nature than straight hair, curly hair is more difficult to care for. Despite the use of a nourishing shampoo and a suitable repair mask, the hair ritual is often complex and time-consuming to ensure shiny and perfectly nourished hair, beautiful waves, and controlled volume. That's probably why the bowl method - a brand new quirky shampoo technique that's been popping up on social media under the hashtag #bowlmethod - is a hit on TikTok right now.

Suitable for wavy, curly, and even frizzy hair, this slightly wacky beauty trick takes its name from the use of a bowl (a basin or a salad bowl) in which the coated hair is dipped several times, by making a back and forth movement with the bowl. Well-hydrated hair, ideally defined curls, no more frizz: its promises are enticing. But what is it really worth?

Hair Care: We Adopt The “Bowl Method” Which Gives Us Beautiful Curls


The bowl method for curly hair: why does it work?

According to Lizzie Carter, a curly hair care expert interviewed by Instyle magazine, the technique works well. She further explains the effectiveness of this method in three ways. On the one hand, she assures that applying a conditioner to wet hair is ideal for “creating smoother, frizz-free curls”. On the other hand, it reveals all the interest of using the bowl by specifying that “some of the product that you apply will be rinsed out during the process, but since it returns to the bowl that you reuse, some will be reapplied to the hair" before adding that "the water also helps the product to be better absorbed by the hair, which provides better hydration".

The bowl method: how to reproduce it at home?

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