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Jennifer Aniston: The Secret To Her 90'S Haircut, The Most Copied Of All Time... She'S Still Wearing It 17 Years After Friends Ended


Jennifer Aniston still wears her cult '90s haircut... Seventeen years after the end of the Friends series, The Rachel style is still alive and well. Here's why the actress will never change her hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston: The Secret To Her 90's Haircut, The Most Copied Of All Time... She's Still Wearing It 17 Years After Friends Ended

Only a few hours left before the special Friends: The Reunion airs. 17 years after the end of the series, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe are reunited.

For the occasion, return to Stage 24 at Warner Studios where the sets of New York apartments have been recreated. On the hairstyle side, Jennifer Aniston is particularly eye-catching. The actress flaunts smooth brushing, layered lengths at the front to frame her face, luminous blonde locks… In 2021, Rachel is reborn! But has she really left Jennifer Aniston? Popularized on screen, this iconic haircut has been given a second life away from the movie sets.

Byrdie notes, “The Rachel never really left - she just evolved. Although this is the '90s cut, the truth is, this haircut has taken on many shapes over the years. , the position of the parting and the color slowly changed over the course of the series, but the idea continues today: the overlays of the signature gradient, the pattern in inward curls, and that honey blonde shade… have remained. signing Jennifer Aniston for decades. "

A hairstyle for life

Before filming for the series began in 1994, Jennifer Aniston was naturally brunette. The duo, therefore, decided to "give the impression that the sunlight is beating down on the lengths". Michael Canalé recounts in the columns of Page Six in 2019: "Jennifer had brown hair and long, just below the shoulders. I decided to go from her natural brown to a caramelized blonde with golden highlights." The colorist and the hairdresser work in unison to shape her style. Thus, the layered layers are sublimated by luminous blond points strategically placed according to the cut to "bring out the color of her skin and her eyes".

Chris McMillan, her hairstylist, told the Telegraph newspaper in 2016: "I created The Rachel hairstyle when I met Jennifer over twenty years ago. […] At that time, Jennifer had long hair. with bangs […] I advised her to let her bangs grow out and add a few layered locks to try something different. We cut the lengths with different layered to blend them into the bangs - and the rest went into the story". Later, the actress will admit to hating this hairstyle because it required a lot of maintenance and a lot of retouching in order to maintain the gradient ... However, the actress never really strayed from the style.

Michael Canalé, her colorist, told Page Six in 2019: "Jennifer has been Jennifer for over 25 years without making much change [...] While most other celebrities try very different cuts, Jennifer has become a stylistic icon. because it does not follow fashions. " She added, "She could totally try something different. But she's the icon of that iconic style and she knows it."

For this special episode, no glaring change. The colorist has played on a little more powdery tones. "It's still the golden girl but the outline of the face is a little more sandy" he explains to Byrdie before confiding his process: "The touch-ups are relatively easy. They are fine highlights and we connect the roots. at the ends, but the roots are done last. " And to clarify, "She looks great. I mean, 25 years later, she still looks like Jennifer Aniston - that's pretty cool."

Now, the actress must also deal with another starring role for which her hair is also important: The Morning Show. The colorist explains that it must adapt to the return of intense brushings to give the desired movement to the hair.

A hairstyle for life | Jennifer Aniston: The Secret To Her 90's Haircut, The Most Copied Of All Time... She's Still Wearing It 17 Years After Friends Ended
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