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No More Hair Breakage? Does Coconut Oil Keep Your Hair Healthy?


Coconut oil is an indispensable ingredient in clean eating kitchens. Among other things, it contains lauric acid, which supports a diet positively and has a slimming effect. But coconut oil also has a lot to offer the skin.

No more hair breakage? Is Coconut Oil Suitable For Hair Care? | No more hair breakage? Does coconut oil keep your hair healthy?

No more hair breakage? Is Coconut Oil Suitable For Hair Care?

Many describe coconut oil as the best natural cosmetics for the skin - if not the best care for everything, especially the hair. In principle, it is also true, but the liquid superfood coconut oil is not suitable for every hair type.

So is coconut oil good for your hair?

This question has several answers. First the good facts: Coconut oil contains valuable ingredients such as vitamin E, which acts as a natural antioxidant and can protect the hair from harmful environmental influences. Coconut oil can also reduce excessive dandruff or hair loss. Coconut oil is one of the non-dry oils. The high proportion of saturated fatty acids means that the oil does not penetrate the hair, but instead wraps itself around the hair like a protective film. For this reason, hair feels soft and supple after treatment with coconut oil. So it's all good for your hair.

But: Fine and quickly greasy hair is unnecessarily weighed down by the coconut oil. Even very dry hair does not always benefit from treatment with natural oil.


The main ingredient in coconut oil is saturated fat. The lauric acid contained in coconut oil, in particular, is effective care for the hair and scalp, as it has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties - it fights against viruses, fungi, and bacteria and thus balances the environment on the scalp. Its molecular structure, made up of medium-chain fatty acids, is so fine that it allows the lauric acid to penetrate the scalp without any problems, supplying it with nutrients directly at the hair follicles and stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. This makes coconut oil a good remedy for dandruff and (not hereditary) hair loss that moisturizes, nourishes, and cares. Even a fungal attack on the scalp - which promotes dandruff and hair loss - can be treated with the regular use of coconut oil, as the fatty acids, it contains naturally deprive the fungi of their livelihood.

COCONUT OIL AGAINST HAIR LOSS AND DANDLING | No more hair breakage? Does coconut oil keep your hair healthy?



Anyone who has cut their hair radically once needs staying power until the old hair length or a miracle cure. Coconut oil doesn't work miracles, but it can indirectly help hair grow faster. Because: As a rule, hair grows between one and one and a half centimeters per month, depending on the hormonal status and predisposition. Regular hair treatments with coconut oil cannot accelerate hair growth, but they nourish and care for the scalp, thus preventing split ends and delaying the hairdresser's appointment for cutting tips. As a result, the hair stays healthy longer and appears to grow faster at the same time.


Which coconut oil is suitable for hair care? Basically the same as for skincare and food. High-quality coconut oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, unbleached, and organically grown. This is the only way to ensure that no important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have been lost during the manufacturing process.


Native, cold-pressed coconut oil is white and solid at room temperature; it only becomes liquid and clear at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. Then it can easily be further processed for cosmetics, for example for softer and shinier hair. For a homemade hair treatment with coconut oil: Mix three tablespoons of coconut oil with one and a half tablespoons of honey and two egg yolks. Apply the hair treatment generously to the lengths of the hair and massage it into the scalp with circular movements. Then wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave the treatment on for at least 30 to 60 minutes or overnight. Then rinse the coconut oil with pH-neutral shampoo and lukewarm water.


It is said that dry, brittle hair should be treated with oils. The oil tames frizz and makes the roughened hair surface shiny again. Pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil in particular are said to contribute to rapid regeneration due to the high proportion of amino acids.

What sounds very simple is not entirely true. If the hair structure is damaged and broken, for example by heat styling, bleaching, or UV rays, the fat molecules will indeed settle in these breakpoints and close them, but the hair is not nourished. However, dry hair needs moisture. This cannot work if the coconut oil wraps itself around the hair like a protective shield. When water meets coconut oil, it rolls off the surface. Coconut oil keeps moisture from penetrating into the depths of the hair structure. The healthy oil makes hair soft on the surface and in the short term, but experts recommend moisturizing hair treatments for a long-term repair of the hair structure.

IS COCONUT OIL GOOD FOR DRY HAIR? | No more hair breakage? Does coconut oil keep your hair healthy?


Coconut oil can be a natural SOS treatment if you want soft hair quickly. For healthy hair, it is better to use other products in the long term. As an alternative to coconut oil, special hair treatments that combine essential fats with hydrating active complexes are suitable. They are introduced deep into the hair structure and develop their effect there. The hair is then nourished and strengthened from the inside out.

It is best to leave the hair treatment on for several hours or even overnight (wrap the hair with cling film or cover a shower cap). The next morning, rinse off the mask with plenty of clear, lukewarm water. Another tip for dry hair: use shampoos and conditioners with low pH levels. This makes for a smoother hair surface.

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