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How Your Hair Routine Should Change After 40?


Not only our facial care should be perfectly tailored to us, but hair care also needs some adjustments as we get older.

How Your Hair Routine should Change After 40?
Claudia Schiffer (51) presents her shiny full hair.

When it comes to facial care, we are often willing to invest a lot of money to prevent wrinkles or pigment spots as much as possible. When it comes to hair, however, there is often uncertainty and so most people remain true to their usual routine for years. That's not wrong in itself, as long as you're still happy with the look of your hair. However, the structure of hair changes over the years, just like our skin, and so hair products should always be adapted to them in order to get the best out of them.

Here's how you should adjust your hair routine after 40

Hair often loses shine, elasticity, and volume with age. It should therefore be treated with particular care. Be careful not to wash your hair too often. This puts a strain on the scalp and hair, as it attacks the protective film and can not only dry them out but also lead to hair breakage and hair loss. So make sure you use a gentle shampoo without silicones, parabens, and alcohols that are tailored to your hair type. In addition, nourishing scalp treatments are useful, because a healthy scalp is a basis for a radiant, full head of hair. By the way: Brushing your hair too roughly or having your hair combed backward can also cause hair breakage.

In order to prevent hair loss and flat, brittle hair, it is also advisable not only to adjust your daily routine but also not to neglect night care for your hair. For example, switching to a silk pillow instead of the cotton version is particularly effective. This protects the hair and does not roughen it unnecessarily.

The basis for beautiful hair is not only the right care, diet and sleeping habits also play an essential role. So make sure you're getting enough water, nutrients (especially zinc and biotin), and getting enough good sleep.

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