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Hairstyle Tutorial: Knots On Loose Hair


Having hair in your eyes makes you squint, blow like a cowboy, threatening an impromptu haircut on your untenable mop. Immediately put down those scissors without abrupt movements and think back to the hair problems of your 6 years old: this fringe, or rather this daring lock had waited so long months to grow back...

The bar tires you out makes you 70 years younger and your hair asks to be released or even delivered. Too much is too much: we no longer untangle, we tie!

Hairstyle tutorial: knots on loose hair

  1. Take hold of your 2 front strands
  2. The bottom strand stays at the bottom, the top strand turns around it to tie a knot.
  3. Take your most intellectual air, the one that doesn't see that you are tying your laces in your hair, and tighten the knot!
  4. Flat pliers hold the bottom bit firmly against your scalp.
  5. Repeat with the remaining strand (becomes the bottom strand) and a new strand of hair caught further back of the head.
  6. We find our intellectual air and we tighten the knot.
  7. Move the forceps so that it gradually holds your knots in place.
  8. Finish by maintaining everything with 2 crossing pliers.
  9. Ask your mirror who is the prettiest and answer for them!

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