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Framing Highlights Give Your Hair An Upgrade


The hairstyle trend from the 90s is back! The "framing highlights" are among the hairstyle trends that are celebrating their comeback this year. You will now find out why this trend looks good on every woman and what makes the hair color so special.

Framing Highlights Give Your Hair An Upgrade
Ann-Kathrin Götze is already wearing the hairstyle trend and her "framing highlights" just look very beautiful and natural.

Framing Highlights Give Your Hair An Upgrade
Farina Yari has also discovered the "Framing Highlights" for herself. Find out in our article what makes the hairstyle trend from the 90s so special!

"Framing Highlights": The hairstyle trend from the 90s is back

Thinking back to the trends of the '90s, we briefly wonder if reviving a hairstyle trend is really a good idea. The hairstyles from the past were a bit difficult at times. But one special hairstyle will definitely come back this summer: the “framing highlights” – but what makes this hairstyle so special?

What are Framing Highlights?

By "framing highlights" we mean the block strands that frame the face. This means that you dye your bangs a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair. This creates a frame that accentuates your face. In the 1990s, the block strands were dyed much lighter than the rest of the hair. We don't need this extreme contrast. We see the hairstyle trend more as contouring that is kept effective and understated. This has the advantage that your strands are lightened, but the transition remains very soft.

What makes the hairstyle trend 2022 so special?

The framing highlights have many beautiful benefits for your hair and face. You don't have to dye all your hair for the hairstyle trend. The effect is already achieved by the highlights in the front. In addition, your hairstyle will be given more depth. The lighter color nuances stand out clearly from your natural hair color. This will automatically refresh your hairstyle. By giving your hair color more depth, your hair will look much more voluminous. The gradation of the nuances has a very great effect on your hairstyle! Incidentally, your face is also emphasized by the "framing highlights". Your beautiful eyes come into their own and the light contours around your face make your complexion look much brighter and fresher - it couldn't be better, right?


How do I maintain the "framing highlights"?

Of course, this hairstyle also requires a lot of care so that you can keep your hair color for a long time. Even if you're only coloring the highlights of your bangs, it's important to make sure your hair is getting the right care. Dyed hair is always stressed and dried out very quickly. So that means you need to moisturize your mane with moisturizing products. You can use a hair mask once a week for this. In the evening it is recommended to use hair oil. You should wash your blond block strands with a silver shampoo so that the blond tone retains its beautiful hair color for as long as possible.

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