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And The Hairstyle That Suits Everyone Is...


The suspense is at its height, who has never dreamed of finding The ideal fit and being able to succumb to it without fear of having to regret it? In this article, we reveal the name of the one who has everything to make you happy, whatever your specificities!

No matter the shape of your face or the nature of your hair, this hairstyle like no other will have the art of highlighting you with just a few strokes of the scissors. If you are told a classic hairstyle, a haircut that is timeless and always trendy... Did you find it? Yes, it is indeed the square!

And The hairstyle That Suits Everyone Is...
Instagram: @lucyhale

Are you still skeptical? Note that this is very simple. Indeed, the secret of the square is that it is available according to desires, tastes, and needs and is constantly reinventing itself. Proof of this is that every year, every season, a new version of the square-cut appears! Long, short, plunging, straight, layered, or even shaggy bob, French bob, Diana bob... One of these different variations will inevitably sublimate you. Moreover, this is certainly why the bob continues to occupy the front of the hair scene, without ever going out of fashion.

The problem is that there are so many versions of the bob, that it is not always easy to decide on which to bet on… Your objective before adopting the bob cut: to be able to determine which variation will know the best. highlight yourself. A plunging square if you have a square jaw to enhance your features, a layered square if your hair lacks volume and movement, a strict square or a short square if you want to give character to your hairstyle, a square long if you have curly hair or if your features need to be softened… We were telling you: there really is an ideal bob for each of us, and that's without counting on the way it is a style that has its influence (and sometimes changes its appearance a lot) once the hair is cut!

And The hairstyle That Suits Everyone Is...
Instagram: @monicabellucciofficiel

The question now is: will you be charmed by one of the versions of the bob that suits you? Either way, it's always good to know that this hairstyle has the art of adapting to any specifics in case you ever get tempted. And if despite these few indications, you still cannot find which bob is right for you, we advise you to rely on the precious advice of a hairstylist!

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