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Lose Weight Like Reese Witherspoon - With The Slimming Diet

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She is multi-talent and is one of the most impressive women in the Hollywood industry: Reese Witherspoon. The Oscar winner handles film projects such as the third part in her cult role as Elle Woods in "Naturally Blond", produces the HBO series "Big Little Lies" and the new series "The Morning Show", on which she is an auditor with Jennifer Aniston the camera is. The American also designs for her own fashion label Draper James and runs her own production company, Pacific Standard. And by the way, the mother of three also works as a cookbook author.

Lose Weight Like Reese Witherspoon - With The Slimming Diet
In top shape and in a good mood: Reese Witherspoon's diet tips can be easily integrated into everyday life and are effective in helping you lose weight.

The last competence on this list is particularly interesting because every time you go through her recipes it becomes clear why the 43-year-old is so fit, healthy and slim. In the following, we explain Reese Witherspoon's diet tips, how they help you lose weight and why you can copy them with a clear conscience for everyday life.

Why Reese Witherspoon's diet is so healthy?

The nice thing about Reese Witherspoon's diet, and at the same time practical, is that it's actually not a classic diet. The actress told the US magazine Us Weekly that she did not believe in crash diets or anything like that. Rather, Reese Witherspoon relies on a balanced diet. In other words, she doesn't do without coffee or any other ingredients and prefers to cook herself. She relies on smaller dishes and snacks that she spreads out throughout the day. Another insider tip on Reese Witherspoon's menu plan: She takes a 16-hour break between dinner and breakfast and prepares a smoothie for breakfast. So she eats her first solid meal at noon, which is reminiscent of the routine of intermittent fasting. She inspired Jennifer Aniston, who is at least as fit as her fellow actor.

Slimming Diet: How Reese Witherspoon's Nutrition Plan Works

Reese Witherspoon starts her morning healthy with a green smoothie made from spinach, celery, pear, banana, lemon, and apple. For example, a Witherspoon lunch looks like this: a mixed salad with lentils, kale, and Brussels sprouts. She also told the New York Times that she loves fried chicken - also spicy. Witherspoon shares her favorite recipe from her grandmother in her own cookbook called "Whiskey in a Teacup". The actress and author also admit that she likes to eat a lot of pasta for dinner. Friendly.

Losing weight: That's how important exercise is in Reese Witherspoon's everyday life

The fact that this cookbook also contains recipes for Reese Witherspoon's favorite biscuits and a suspiciously good-looking apple pie and still has the perfect figure explains the actress's strict workout routine. Because instead of foregoing a delicious, sweet temptation in between, Reese Witherspoon keeps himself fit with regular jogging, yoga, and Pilates units.

This variant is especially healthy because, in addition to building muscles, it strengthens the organism, activates the metabolism, and supports the immune system. Reese Witherspoon already knew that exercise does not only help you lose weight as Elle Woods in the first part of the “Naturally Blonde” series: “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.” That's true.

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